Some tournament matches of mine



like topic says…
i’m the sagat player in those videos.

i’m looking for some fresh points of view about improving my game.

notice those are tournament videos, so i tried (maybe too much?) to take as few risks as possible

final matches from the last ranbat:
AEX Ranbat Milano # 2.2 - 01/08/2009

(sagat-ryu loser’s final and grand final, plus a previous sagat-rufus; just notice the sagat player in winner’s final -blackhole vs leva- is not me)

a few more of my matches from the same tourney:
vs akuma
vs gief
vs dict
[media=youtube]fhl5h3BQntA[/media] (first match i played in the tournament, i got owned pretty bad. :stuck_out_tongue: i corrected some issues right after the tournament, still i’m all ears about what i did wrong)
vs viper
[media=youtube]h-QsRTavhFs[/media] (this opponent usually plays better, he had a bad day - maybe watch the videos from the first ranbat)

also, finals from the previous ranbat:
AEX Ranbat Milano # 2.1 - 11/07/2009

suggestions are welcome, expecially certain matchup’s quirks as that is where i feel i’m lacking the most. (never played online, so i’m almost experienceless in some matchups)


I also have trouble against Bison. =(


Time your ultra right, lol.


Nice Sagat gameplay. That M Bison/Vega/Dictator whatever you want to call him was all up in your face. Can’t deny his skills. He tick threw you a lot though and got a lot of combos off on you up close.

That Zangief was too impatient heh… he was basically killing himself by jumping in and carelessly getting kicked in the face too many times by your S. HK. Also instead of doing wake up games… the zangief super jumps away… when he knocks you down what the fuck??? So basically he puts himself back in an disadvantage.


Well the ultra has been stated, let’s assume that wasn’t what you were going for. You threw a few knees out that weren’t safe - work on your spacing for those. Also there were a few missed TU opportunities you didn’t capitalize on. You whiffed quite a few throws as well, a couple were just out there in no man’s land. Rush down Sagat works, but I find I have more luck making dictator come to me. Wait for the headstomp and punish, hell bait that crap. Get in the training room and practice that, you ate so many headstomps. Bait it with l.ts and follow up with j.hp all day long. Those pokes from the corner aren’t a good idea against dictator either. Also you need to punish that slide every time he does it.

Just from watching that vid the stuff that popped out the most.


I wish i could play like you, for the life of me I cannot do the tu fadc roundhouse. I dont even use focus attack, my gameplay is gay, lol.

Are you on the 360? Would love it if I could play a few games with you and you give me some tips.


thanks everyone for the advices.

big K: i’ve got no console version, sorry.

about the TU fadc into f+RH, may i suggest that you learn to use TU fadc into direct ultra instead (or just TK if you don’t have an ultra).
the f RH is worth only after a trade or when you combo into the TU (or punish with the TU); otherwise, it’s hard to react in time to a counter hit from a naked TU, and you risk losing damage in the long run.
now i almost always go for f+RH, but it’s an habit i’m trying to break.

silentness: i think that single gief’s jump away was to bait & punish a TU FADC… still, the usual crossup splash would have been an all around better choice.

holo7: about the missed ultra… i guess you are talking about the end of the first match against the dict? i must admit i meant to do exactly that, not the best option but i knew no better. generally my game (reacting, punishing, spacing assessment) fell apart because i fell insecure about what to do.
i think the main problem was that i didn’t know how to defend (after headstomp… after blocked lk scissor… or against dash throw) so i tried to just attack.

given how the post tourney freeplay went very differently, i know you are right, a more defensive approach would have helped very much.

some insight i learnt later:
before i thought that focus was the right answer post blocked headstomp; while sometimes it can work very well, it can be countered many ways. jumping forward or backward with HP is a much better option, just note that it wont work after you block an EX headstomp (too much blockstun); here you can try a close MP.
another nice answer is to focus the stomp, into forward dash, into straight jump HK (this one should not be abused).
of course those answers can be countered by bison, but it’s not that easy and it starts a nice guessing game.

after a blocked lk scissor, the mindgame depends very much on the distance.
if you are in bison’s cr lk range, he can do that and it will beat your throw, pokes, jump! (you will be hit before you can jump & possibly comboed into another scissor). you can just cr lp (which will trade… but it’s harder for you to time, as he can plink) OR TU (risky) OR backdash (which could be punished even after the cr lk whiff… but the punishment is not automatic so it’s still a viable option).
best bet could be to block another repetition, waiting to get some distance while staying ready to tech throw.
if you notice you are out of cr lk range, you’ve got a few more options: imo best ones are jump straight, cr HP, knee, cr MK xx knee/TS, cr lk xx whatever, focus.

another random bit: jump straight HK seems the best way to beat cleanly an EX headstomp. still has to be timed though.

versus dash throw and tick throws… i usually throw break much better, but i wasn’t ready for his long dash and general mobility, so i usually teched too late.
i wasn’t quink enough at adjusting :/.

now i believe the “knowledge” part is already better, but in order to avoid choking/wasting time adapting, i’m afraid i’ll need to already be accustomed to his dash speed/jump arc/crossups/tick throws. i’ll just have to find a sparring partner (sadly, the only one around here that uses dict a little is me).

funny thing is that could be a minor issue, as there are now different other matchups that i know much less & where i could get trashed before really getting my chance to play :stuck_out_tongue:

P.S. nothing to say about the other videos? there is surely much room for improvement even in my most played matchups…


Thanks for the help.

At the moment im doung the TU and trying to cancel it but all i end up doing is a focus attack, lol, i guess its just practice. However its their a shortcut for sagat like other characters have for the FADC. At the moment im doing the following:

TU - immediatly focus attack and forward twice…then well not got further than this.



Edit: I tested this out and it’s on average about 100 less than the F+RH combo so I’ll try to stick with that.


well, I watched about 30 seconds of the bison matchup, this is what I have for you.

You hit buttons for no reason, aka you throw out shit at random. Also, people jump in and you don’t dp them. When far away you tried to jump in to close the gap. that’s not your job, that’s dictators job. Tiger shot his ass.

Basically, I play a weak ass east coast style, with a twist of my own touch of sagat. Far away? Tiger shot. They jump in? DP. Up close? mix-up, crouching shorts over head, grabs, dp etc etc etc.

DONT HIT BUTTONS FOR NO REASON. This is the east coast play style. Turtle. This doesn’t mean block and do nothing all match, but let your opponent make a mistake, then punish his ass. Your character is slow, big, and predictable. You need to force mistakes and use your advantage, DAMAGE.


big K: the only shortcut i use is pressing forward togheter with focus…
so to get the dash cancel you will do TU, f+mp+mk, f. remember to hold MP+MK until you press the last forward.

you could also hold the forward direction from the shoryuken (f,n,d,d/f+P,f hold, focus hold, n, f) but i find it does more harm than good.

Sahykoh, let me clarify:
you should still do f+hk when you combo into TU (which is how i connect most of my ultras anyway) AND when you use TU to punish AND every time you get a TU to trade.

what i’m saying is you had better scrap the f+HK when you do a TU that could CH; that is, when you do a raw TU to interrupt an opponent’s string, or after an empty crossup TU, or trying to catch an option select throw break…
the reason is that on CH the opponent spins higher and closer to sagat, making f+HK much harder or (rarely) downright impossible, depending on spacing.
it’s true that f+HK can be a sweet 100 more damage, but if you fail you miss much more.

the best solution would be to do fHK on normal hit and knee/ultra on CH, but while in practice i can do that, in a tournament i would still mess up too much.

oh, another factor to take into account is the corner: there is a distance where TU FADC fHK ultra will only get 2 hits from the last uppercut, but TU backdash ultra will hit fully. in this case, avoiding the f HK will net more or less 50 more damage.

PlayGroundLegen: :sweat: that will surely be my gameplan next time i face another dict. now just try to comment some other video where i suck less, since after that i had no more lives to spare in that double elimination tourney.


Just watched the Viper match, I see she got you blockin lot of pressure strings.

Backdash -> c. fp

It works, trust me :slight_smile:



opponent was a scrub, but you read him perfectly. I wouldn’t waste meter trying to random ex fireball him. remember how you hit him with short jab fb 2x in the first round? use ex fb next time, insane damage. Also works well when a akuma jumps in / away with ex fireball or any air fireball. You trade. You eat 1 akuma fb, but he eats an ex. It’s in your favor obvi.

Also, against a good akuma, you want to close the gap. Sitting full screen makes you feel safe, but it gives akuma more options.


too much jumping. staying close to him is not such a bad thing, you can bait green hands into TU punish.

Also, if you see gief do a splash cross up, do a auto correct DP like you did vs akuma, 2 half circles and fierce punch. Don’t St. RH his jump ins, DP them. You traded for serious damage - whereas a DP will trade less, and if it does, F.RH ultra.

Too predictable with the s.RH. You kept getting green handed. try fake kick next time, or not using it. I think its over rated in this match up. Also, never jump in on gief.

super in round 2 was an awful choice, I never use his super. Sometimes it comes out by accident, so I usually burn an EX TS to get rid of super.

Also, when you’re getting crossed up you are hitting buttons. You just have to ride it out. Yes you will get grabbed or SPD but thats part of the game. If you hit buttons or try to jump back you will eat a full combo, then be back on the floor anyway. Best not to get in that situation.

Also, you kept jumping back. You gave gief too much map control. Just walk backwards. 3 blocked ts = opponent is on the opposite side of the stage now. Just alternate high, low, high, low. and always use fast tiger shots in this matchup. If you shoot a slow high ts, gief will duck and then green hand up to your face.


stop watching after the first round. Opponent was too weak. Didn’t do any fake out seismo’s, was a flow chart. he had a plan before he went into the match and stuck with it and ignored if it was working or not. That and he woke up DP’d… thats the first red flag for a scrub.


watched vs rushing monkey. Guy mixed you up hard. You just needed to block. You kept getting baited into dp’s, which means you tried to punish shit that was safe, which means you don’t know the match up. Play more vipers. Stop doing random focus, only scrubs fall for that. That’s a free ultra, grab, or combo. Or - if you’re lucky, you get to back dash and lose ground, which sucks anyway.


about those two c lk c lp normal fireball, i was going for a TU, but given the spacing the TU could have whiffed, so i did a TS. the EX version would have been a better choice, i just didn’t react quick enough to consider that.

i’m very willing to trade vs air fireballs… did i miss any opportunity?

about closing the gap… i’m just glad i didn’t need that. i’ve tried and chasing down a good akuma is such an hassle, HK, low punches into loop, teleport…

i’m afraid of staying close to gief. he is the character i don’t want to excange blows with. i’ll give a shot at staying closer, but i must be able to try that in freeplay first.

i agree, that day i used TU less than i should… mh, probably i didn’t want to risk missing?
about the anti crossup TU, i ofter don’t do that because a correct jumpin splash will beat even that.

HK is overrated, ok. it’s just the move i throw out when i don’t have better ideas. but if i stop using HK, it will be much harder keeping him out.

super… in that istant i thought that with 2 frames startup, it would have connected in the air. of course i was completely wrong, since the first hit that connects at that spacing becomes active at the 12th frame. at least i found out without paying with a loss.
i used to shot an ex to avoid getting a super instead of a knee, but i changed my mind. there are some vicious combos into super, and i wouldn’t mind landing them. i’ll just be careful with my inputs.

after a crossup, i didn’t press buttons, i tried to jump away or backdash. same result tho.

i agree i gave away too much space; also, it’s true i should have used more HK/HP shots.


songoten = rushing monkey. it’s the same player. :looney:
those TU were not to punish, they were random TU to interrupt the rushdown. :stuck_out_tongue:
focus absorb -> dash -> throw is the only way to punish crussup burning kicks (it just didn’t workout in those matches); still i should probably cut down the use of focus outside of that purpose.

mooyang: i’ll try that; problem is, i think it’s easy for viper to punish sagat’s mediocre backdash, so i try not to abuse that.