Some two-in-ones and combo's I've found since I started playin'



2nd Impact is the only game I’ve been playin’ lately and I was able to find some shit wit’ Alex he’s decent to me but not great just average but he dont seem balanced out anyway here’s my shit I found and learned

1.)Execute a Fierce Flash Chop. 2.)Once the enemy spins around from the attack immediatley throw a jab Flash Chop for a double Flashy combo.

1.)Complete a Fierce Flash Chop and start to hold down. 2.)Once the enemy is turned around execute a crouching fierce for a triple hit combo.

1.)Jump in super deep with a fierce punch/roundhouse kick/strong punch 2.)Land and quickly throw a standing close strong punch/forward kick into a jab Flash Chop for 4 easy hits

1.)Execute a fierce punch Flash Chop. 2.)As the enemy is backwards throw two quick standing jab punches for 3 easy hits

1.)Jump in super deep with a fierce punch/roundhouse kick 2.)Land with a standing close strong punch/forward kick 3.)Then execute the EX Flash Chop for 4 total hits.

1.)Jump in with a super deep Roundhouse kick 2.)Land and quickly execute a close forward kick into an EX Air Knee Smash for 4 hits.

1.)Execute the EX Slash Elbow 2.)Immediatley execute a fierce Flash Chop3.) Execute a Grapple Fest as the eney is backwards for a grand total of an 11 hit combo.

1.)Jump in deep with a strong punch. 2.)Execute a standing close strong punch. 3.)Then do the Boomerang Raid for a 7 hit combo

1.)Execute the Stun Gun Head Butt. 2.)As the enemy is stunned do a fierce Flash Chop. 3.)As the enemy is backwards execute a Grapple Fest for 13 easy hits.


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