Some Type of Float Cancel trick

So I was in the lab just moments ago messing around with some IOH with float and I noticed that
If you super Jump float rocket skate (I know this sounds confusing as nut, and I’ll try to get a video up) but it seems you can rocket skate Fient, Have nearly unlimited rocket skates on the ground (as of now staying in one place but i’m pretty sure you might be able to cancel rocket skate into another rocket skate?) and do multiple rocket skates in the air. Try it out and get back to the thread. It really opens up his game alot.

Some tricks that people probably already know:
Jump DF Rocket skate for fake bootleg tridash
SJ DF Rocket skate for real tridash
SJ Grenade into Rocket skate (the grenade doesnt move so its basically an instant air grenade) into boot leg tridash.

Cancel an Instant air rocket skate, into another rocket skate for a cross up? (still trying to do it consitently) but the process is basically Superjump float into rocket skate into another rocket skate, Not sure how this happens.

If this stuff has been found before sorry for posting meaningless stuff

If you could post video of this that’d be really handy. I’m a little confused about this tech you’re trying to describe.

it seems like what you were referring to in the last post, I just got it confused with a float cancel >_<

super jump float cancel

deep breath

It’s more effective, and better for people to do super jump floats with Rocky.

Basically Down, Up,Down=Float because the game input leniency still processes actions after you leave the ground. So every time your do a super jump, there is a free window to cancel into Float.

When the opponent is blocking you can hit Up Up close to the ground into an S for an instant over head, but i recommend j.L then j.S

I actually recommend j.H. It’s more hitstun, and an option select throw. You could j.LMH and that works the same too, which makes it a double overhead.