Some Urien questions

What do you do when you get rushed like fuck? I’ve had some beastly Ken and Ryu players (among others) rush me down like crazy.

What do you do against Necro? He seems like a pain in the ass to beat. The limbs are so annoying.

What do you do when you’re midscreen but you can’t do the midscreen unblockable (like against Yun or Yang)? Would you rather use your meter up for cr.fierce, mk tackle, fierce reflector, RH tackle or just use cr.fierce, tackle?

How the hell do you fight Yun??? That shit is so unfair :looney:

How often should I use a random meaty reflector in the corner? Doesn’t seem worth it because a lot of times when i try to do overhead f + fp or, ppl predict my movements and block. = (

Lastly, how do you use Urien to get ppl into the corner? i can only think of throwing and cr.fierce, mk tackles?

playing urien is hard, all i can do is kneedrop the fuck out of there, headbutt the fuck out of there as well.

mp sphere necro, if he parries, hk tacklexxaegis.

if ur getting rushed say by shotos/makoto s.lp is a good tool to stop it SOMETIMES, dont just throw it out there. ur other pokes are good too from a distance.

Tackle if they parry the sphere? they can parry the tackle, or worst, hit you while you’re doing it, fucking drill kicks. Better learn to parry them, it’s the only thing a good necro will do when they jump, in case they jump. And if you parry them, usually you won’t can hit him with a c.fierce, try standing fierce, or strong to reset them.
Good luck if you’re cornered, knee drop won’t work against meaty attacks, and necro has a big range throw. Block low, a juggle usually will almost stun urien, and learn to red parry the last hit of that thing that necro uses his arms to hit rolling, I don’t know how it’s called.

Against shotos… c.lp->headbutt can save you sometimes

This all depends on how you are getting rushed. Standing Strong and standing Forward are your best keep out pokes. Forward has greater range and hit mid but strong is faster but hits high. The Strong is great for snuffing dashes and the Forward will keep them outside of their cr.forward range. If they are on top of you use cr.Short xx Headbutt to either knock them down (then Rush on them) or wiff the HB and go for a throw. Look for the overheads to Parry and watch for the throw attempts (Jab 'em back or Tech the throw)

This is not really too tough a match for Urien but you need to be able to parry Necro’s Drills and Jab QCF moves (Spin-Hook I think it’s called). You can stay back with safety while charging meter since Necro’s limb attacks are so slow and st.Frc works great against most of his long range pokes.

Do you mean you are unable to do the Unblockable? If not then go hit up training mode!
I would go for “cr.fierce, mk tackle, fierce reflector, RH tackle” over ‘cr.fierce, tackle’ any day. Then after the last RH Tackle either Charge Partition Dashing headbutt over their body into unblockable or just RH Kneedrop over them then dash-push them into the Aegis for the unblockable.

Always!..Just mix up your hits w/out advertising what you are trying to do. The best overhead is to do the UOH at point blank range just as they are rising. The toward+Frc OH is too slow and easy to see coming. I sometimes crouch right over them as they are rising then let the joystick fall to neutral just as I hit the UOH command for an instant OH. If the guess correctly just try to mix-it up with a short or another overhead. A decent mind trick is to do the Taunt command. It looks like an overhead but hits low…does very little damage but once you have them afraid of it happening again your job is half as difficult as before. If they do guess correctly throughout the entire Aegis just use the opportunity to either apply more pressure or use the last hit of Aegis for a tick-throw set-up.

That works. Also dash their fallen body toward the corners. It’s risky but you can lure them toward your own corner then use the throw to switch positions but only do so if you are confident once they are close you can accomplish this and that you do have the means to make the most of this situation.

Good luck!


The standard unblockable does not work with Yun or Yang. They get up too quick so they can block it right away. Plus ppl that have those dash tackle unblockables like Dudley or Necro…it’s way too much work lol.
about necro…if you block the drill, can you throw him?
if you parry it, can you punish with cr.fierce?

So it has something to do with extendable limbs. Parry that shit! Also, I think your best bet for supers would be Temporal Thunder. That way, if he does the stretchy-Dhalsim-arms bullshit, he gets punished for free.

oh right about temporal thunder…i heard it’s good for Akuma only cuz he gets stunned easily. Tips on how to use it? I only use it like cr.fierce, tackle, temporal thunder lol.

No, don’t ever use Temporal Thunder. Yeah IF you land a cr.Frc you can do that combo and yeah it does alot of stun but your best and most practicle super is always Aegis. It cannot be beat for it’s diversity…only Genei Jin is a better super.

Throwing Necro…
This depends on the angle of the drill, how high on Urien’s sprite the first hit connects and probably some of that nasty Frame advantage BS will come into play as well. The best bet to punish Necro is to Parry the drills. This is not hard at all and only a little practice will clue you in to the timing for the second hit of the drill (it’s slightly delayed). Also, Necro’s only jump when they intend to Drill AND they jump slow. You can react with a Strong Fireball and start a nasty juggle combo. If Necro parries the ball then either block, counter parry or if possible do st.Strong xx Strong Ball xx Strong Aegis.


If someone parries the air sphere, they almost ALWAYS attack afterwards.

If you do a fierce sphere, you recover and are almost always safe afterwards. With the strong sphee, it depends on the range/distance/etc.

In any case, when they DO parry the sphere, before they hit you, tap forward, then hit kick. If you recover in time, you parry their air attack, then tackle them. Cancel into the appropriate aegis for damage/unblockable.

I find that fierce sphere is harder to land so i just use mp sphere.

oh i said that i used temp thunder for akuma because Urien has a bad matchup against his rush down = (.

Okay some new questions.

  1. How do you do the midscreen for Ibuki and Twelve?
  2. Does the twins unblockable work on anyone else or just the twins (i’m just making sure)
  3. How do you set up the aegis so that you can alternate between cr.shorts and the aegis and how many times do you do the cr.short? (it’s like you hit them back and forth).
  1. Well, for Ibuki you can do this:

    Cr. Fierce, mk tackle xx Fierce Aegis, immediately dash back and throw a mp sphere then charge down, rh kneedrop when the sphere hits her, then do another rh kneedrop, which will go over her, then dash up and have fun!
    What happens is that when you throw the mp sphere, Ibuki will bounce a few times on the reflector, then the mp sphere will connect. I warn you though, sometimes she will fall straight through the sphere, but it’s probably just a problem with my timing, and I hit it 99% of the time.

  2. If you’re refering to the cr. fierce, tackle xx F. Aegis, dash back, rh kneedrop, F. headbutt, I think that only works on them. I’ve seen a variation of this combo work on Hugo though, if that counts.

  3. First of all, use a cr. short on the first hit, but after that, use st. strong or cr. forward man, please don’t use only cr. short the whole time, it’s a joke damage-wise. If you think the timing for repeated st. strong’s is hard, spend an hour or so in training mode and get the timing down.
    As far as setups go, if you want something simple, try this:

    cr. Fierce, mp headbutt xx jab Aegis, mk or rh kneedrop( I would do rh), and when you land time a cr. short to hit them RIGHT as they get up. Then PLEASE proceed to st. strong them for 4 more hits, then finish with jab jab into cr. Fierce, then whatever.

Hope I’ve helped!

to be honest though you wouldnt want to do combo no 2 with anyone else cos the reason you do it is cos you cant do the standard higher damage one (you miss a tackle out) :wonder:

Oh, I agree with you fully.
I was just letting people know that it is possible on others(kind of).
I hate that unblockable personally.

-Besides the advices youve already gotten against shotos… Id just like to say that although uriens good pokes against the shotos, st.fwd and st.strong, keeps them away from you i wouldnt focus on them that much. Indeed they are good pokes but once…lets say ken, gets meter they are at the same time really risky to use as ken easilly punishes these pokes. A blocked st.fwd is very safe but you will only find it useful on maxrange. A distance ken never will keep when fighting urien. What you do want to do is to charge meter as much as possible and let the shotos run the show. This is, during the time ive played urien against shotos, the best thing to do. A rushing shoto will add a lot of dashing and throws into his game, and thats where you do your jab headbutt. You must learn to see the throwsetups and the dashes.

-Against necro j.rh and st.fierce works wonders. Also, you can groundxup him meaning a dash(through) > jab headbutt or a before the headbutt is really a useful combo should necro just once quickrise. Necro is indeed annoying for urien but has a lot of problems once knocked down, just like urien.

-Always do as much damage as possible against the twins meaning that you should do cr.fierce > ex headbutt > tackle if there is no place for a “good” aegissetup. This not only does good damage but you push them towards the corner too.

And yes, indeed it is really hard against yun but keep in mind that you do a lot of damage against him.

cr.forward and st.fierce are good pokes that do good damage. Walk towards yun and push him back to the corner. Try to keep him there as much as possible. Yun will eventually jump so from there you have the advantage.

I see too many ppl throwing spheres against yuns these days. I wouldnt bother tbh. No yun will fall for that unless they are really sleapy :slight_smile:

-Noone can tell you when you should and shouldnt use the reflector but common knowledge is that, if you are at the right range, the f+fp is really hard to predict. So i guess you need to learn more about spacing with his f+fp. Learn the maxrange on that move and i promise that you will gain A LOT more than one thinks.

I’ve seen a lot of match videos where Urien goes to corner and then do like a mp or fp reflector on a downed opponent and then it comes back against the downed opponent. He can see whether he should use overhead or crouching normals but which reflector is it? I’m guessing mp?

so if you have to do headbutt and then aegis to do that combo with cr.short x n and s.mps…that means it’s not a 100 percent unblockable. i thought there was a guaranteed way for it but guess not. thanks for the info on the combo though.

what’s the combo for Hugo midscreen and full screen? Also how do you max out the juggle limit with him and what normal do you use when you don’t max out the juggle limit to time your guard break knee drop (like when RX does cr.fierce, mk tackle, jump up, dash, cr.jab or, knee drop).

-Yes, it is the strong-version that is the one most used but it all depends on how far they are from the corner.

-Against hugo i dont do midscreen-combos as urien can imho, has better options should he wait for the corner. Of course this is true for him against all characters but hugo can easily get locked in the corner. Therefor i just do cr.fierce > tackle or a jab head where i reset him with a jab and from there its all up to you.

Generally the best combo against hugo in corner is actually just standard stuff. Stuff like after the aegis you just do cr.fierce > tackle > st.fierce. Resets should be considered for baiting his super, most likeley the gigas, out.

If you feel confident and have a solid execution the combo is cr.fierce > tackle > cr.fierce(will hit once) > tackle > aegis > unblockable > repeat

I keptr missing that all the time until I realized that the combo is not “just” cr.fierce, tackle, cr. fierce (and so on)

The right way to execute it is cr. fierce, walkup tackle, cr. fierce (and so on).
If you don’t walkup, cr. fierce will not connect.

Hmm, that walk-up tackle…
is that as simple as holding forward for a split second longer before I press short or forward? Because I remember getting this combo to work a few times and I must have been doing a walk-up tackle occasionally.

yes it’s just like you said.
The only uneasy part is the timing: if you hold forward too early (while still in the recovery of the c.HP) you either won’t walk forward before the tackle OR lose the charge.
The perfect execution should be to start holding forward right when you recover from the cHP animation, wait a split second and press LK/MK (works with both but may be a little easier with lk tackle)

Walk up tackle is the proper and ONLY way to perform that combo.
You can somehow get that without knowing that, but it’s just because if you are used to charge buffering with **, f, b+k and sometimes the f part might coincide with c.HP recovery, so you are doing the walk-up unintentionally and you randomly get the combo.
Buffering is not needed at all for this combo, so being aware of that and holding forward is way easier.
It’s still not that easy, but I have a good success rate with this combo.

Too bad I missed it the only time I managed to land a cHP in the corner on Hayao :frowning:
I’m too emotional lol.