Some X-men

Well, at first this was supposed to be just Gambit and Juggernaut for DFist’s weekly theme challenge, but I drew the two of them and they looked kinda lonely, so I added some more X-Men. Rogue’s face came out funny. Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

hto damn. you totally outdid me on the theme challenge. which I’m gonna just call off. I think one challenge is enough. your’s is more organized anyhoo.

Great pic though. You got a bigger one? My favorite in this one is Iceman. You can really see the action in his pose.

Thanks man, I’m glad you like it.

Here’s a bigger one:


Wow, Juggernaut’s looking good, as well as the rest of em. :slight_smile:

I like Iceman the most as well. Nice job man.

Cool, a X-men pic. Everything looks well done and neat - Simply excellent work.

Great pic! Excellent detail. I think Rogue’s face is fine, I don’t she’d be smiling while in Juggy’s vise grip!

Dood, this’s crazy. Wolvie’s back could use a little more definition to show shape, but then again, that’s really minor. Overall, too good! :tup:

wow…i thought i was looking at a pro wip piece of comic…very impressive…so fresh and so clean!! did you ink them by hand or computer program?

good stuff Chain.
I agree with Kando that Wolvie’s back seems a bit plain… but it’s pretty darned cool nonetheless :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments, dudes. Good point about Wolvie’s back, Kandoken.

DanSC: I ink with a brush.