Some XBOX Live questions

Hey guys just wondering how you set up to play against someone in SSF4. I cant seem to figure out how to invite my out of state buddy to play me online.

Also, what came in yesterdays (6/15) update? We got tournament mode right? Where is it available to play though? I saw some guys in the character specific forums saying they might make subtle changes to gameplay for some characters in this update. Is this true, or for that matter, possible? Anyone else surprised this update info was not on the front page? It seems like everything makes it up there theses days


not sure about the new DLC but for your buddy, just create a new Endless Battle lobby, set it to 2 players with one private slot (this will prevent random people from joining your lobby) then go to Invite Friend or buddy or gamer, whatever it’s called, and it will bring up your friends list, where you can select your buddy and SF will then send him a game invite. When he accepts, it will drop him into your Endless Battle lobby.

Go into the XBox Marketplace. You’ll see the tournament mode download available for free. It does also adjust a few gameplay characteristics. For more details, read the sticky in the SSF4 forum.

Thanks guys