Some1 knows about filming matches



i thougt about making some vids about my matchup games…to look and learn (sf4 needs replay recording-.- )

but how can i do this?

i tried fraps…but the perfermance sucked sooo much…i dunno why…i got a high end pc…i could run sf4 two times…but if i start fraps…the game laggs as hell.

how do u guys do that?


fraps works for me and I play on a 13" macbook pro which is not exactly a powerhouse. You’ve probably just got the recording settings too high. Just try tweaking the settings until it works. I record at half size, 30fps with no performance hit and the video looks plenty good enough.


i tried everything…i changed the fps and the size…nothing works.

its not a normal lag.when i hit the record button,the whole game runs like in slow motion…

wich fraps version should i use?(but i think it makes no differens)


I’m going to assume that you have your framerate setting set to “variable” and might have vsync on. My psychic debugging says that FRAPS is recording at 30 fps, your vsync (maybe, or maybe just FRAPS) is locking you at that 30 fps and then your “variable” framerate setting is causing the game to run at 1/2 speed.

You want a recording program that’ll record at 60 fps and you want your framerate setting set to “fixed” anyway.


hmm,so what can i do m8?

my sf4 settings are:

framerate =variable

vsync =on

fps= 60

i think ur right…my game runs 1/2 as fast,when i start fraps…but what can i do?

turn vsync off?


First, change framerate to “Fixed” and turn off V-sync. V-sync loses you a 1/2 frame (on average) and “Variable” makes the game engine run at your video framerate rather than 60 ticks per second. (I think we should institute that “ticks” are game engine frames and “frames” are video frames.)

AFAIK the FRAPS demo only records at 30 fps – you need the full version to record at 60 fps.


thx m8…ill try it and post success (or no success) here


seems to work…but if i want to see the video,there is only a black backround oO

and a little bit is the game still laggi…but playable


Well, that I know nothing about – you should try the tech forum here or the FRAPs official forum.