Somebody brought this up in another forum

Q from Third Strike

Q (Question) - A conspiracy theorist/fighter from DC Comics/Batman/Justice League

I’d known about both characters for a while, but it never occured to me until now.
Hell they both have masks even.

I always thought of Q as a cross between The Question and Inspector Gadget.

Q is a knock off of Robot Detective K from what people have told me…But The Question is an awesome comic.

Detective K -

The Question is a fuckin fag.

So who’s that in ParryAll’s avatar?

Exactly lol.

You should also ask yourself who is this ?


And this?

Also bigger Q pic from which my Av is derived:

Q is so mysterious he shows up in many different places strangly defying all laws of physics and all laws of copyright.

Seriously does ANYONE know where Q came from, why he is in an Anime, a live action show, and a video game? What is the origin of this character, who is ripping off who here? How is Capcom allowed to blatantly rip off this anime which blatantaly rips off this live action show (if indeed that is the order of origin).

I don’t think anyone knows the answers to these questions. Q is one mysterious motherfucker that’s all I ahve to say.

my brain hurts…

in my opinion Q is one of many robots that are controlled by some Creator or Main Unit. The fact the Q’s go around Government Scenes and Spy on there meetings leads me to believe that the Q is a product of a higher authority trying to mantain and control The order in the SF universe.

or it could just be chun li’s father in disguise, who knows?

Q is awesome thats all i care about

what possesses people to think of such retarded shit like this

Akuma kicked Q’s ass.

Double shoryu’s mid-screen, that’s all I really have to say/think about Q.

…but I do admit he’s pretty fucking mysterious and badass.