Somebody buy TheShend a PREMIUM ACCOUNT

We all know how much time TheShend has been putting into providing us with these match videos. If you just look at his youtube channel, you will see 2 thousand PLUS.
Now I say somebody buy him a premium account.

PS. If you want, you can buy me one too.

lmfao @ ps

i want guile to kill you


You know for once I thought you weren’t being a dumb shit.

Cause, if anyone deserves Premium its Shend. You just had to fucking ruin it did you?

I’d be willing to give alot of people Premium, It’s just that I don’t have paypal… "

i wouldnt give nobody a premium even if the person saved my life gr

Can you use another method to pay for the Premium? Like by mail or something?

^As much as I loved him ripping on BisonSFIV, he deserved his ban.

What? What are you talking about? What happened?

TheShend is god tier. Premium wouldn’t even begin to repay his contribution to the community.

he said this:

“So did anybody else cry and jerk off at the same time? I was using my tears.”

In a thread about someone’s friend dying. I don’t know where the hell he came from with that; thought he was pretty chill.


I’ll buy BisonSFIV premium.

Thanks, I will be glad if you actually get it for me.

Will the Premium Account be activated once you register?


I’m quite modest really. All I’d want is to know the videos I post puts a smile on a baby jesus’s face.

A SFIV cab wouldn’t go a miss either.

oh they do, and i can say that cuz im born on christmas day.

Bless you Son, bless you.


Well I guess he deserves to be banned then. He had no pity for the other person (people).