Somebody call Sony!: Black Spider-Man a reality

In the Ultimate Universe, anyway:

A black guy can’t be Spider-Man. Spider-Man is a wise-crackin’, agile dude who wears a mask, hangs around in dark alleys, climbs up the side of peoples’ buildings and lives with his Aunt because his parents left…

um… nevermind.

Miles Morales.

Probably PR, DR, TyT, or SA.

Either way, a black or blacktino Spider-Man feels forced.

He’s black/hispanic from the preview I read. I like it. I never read the Ultimate comics much but I’ll check this one out.

black and latino? lol…so he’s just dominican then?

I thought Venom was the Black Spiderman?

Edit: IF he turns out to be blaxican like me then that would be just peachy. Too bad he will probably be a pussy. America can’t handle angry minorities as comic book role models. They gotta always be non threating or just really smooooooooth.

its not really preachy but super pandering…which i totally get. two of comics biggest minority groups…one is a future majority…of course their gonna pander. But instead of making 2 seperate characters, deal with them in one fell swoop by doing the fusion dance. but i dont get why he’s black and latino mixed…i feel like he could be dominican and it’d have the same exact effect.

Donald Glover.


man now that they are doing this i can rest easy, i couldn’t handle only white spider-man. Thanks marvel :slight_smile:

Oh, so he is mixed? I looked at the pic and saw the name. Figured he was Caribbean or South American.

Considering I came to the conclusion I did, I would agree. But I guess being something like Dominican would be too “confusing”. It’s tiring explaining your blackness VS your Spanish name, when people have no clue. I guess its an easier explanation, and a sort of foot in the door for “major” Latino superhero?

I wonder about the “Mary Jane” of that story.

Maria Janelle?

Nah, Spiderman will be gay. If not it’s because Marvel is a bunch of prudes who aren’t receptive to change.

Fucked up how we can’t get a regular, non-hispanic black superhero any more*. They gotta try to kill 2 birds with one stone. Next, they’ll have a dude that’s blind, deaf, gay, crossdresses, has AIDS, and is black, hispanic, white, and asian, and in a wheelchair. And of course, raised by a single mother woman.

edit: Damn, Marvel already said they wouldn’t rule out making him gay. Marvel, slow the fuck down! At least give me time to guess at this before you admit to thinking about it. Good luck with that, though. Certain communities are even more racist than mainstream america.

*and I bet the next time we DO get one, his name will be fuckin’ Toby.

she’s still be white.

every Black/Hispanic man’s only weakness…

well A LOT of people pissed off at this.

As expected…remember Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin?
Or Idris Elba as Heimdall?

Bet the folks at Stormfront are going insane.

If ma

If they make him gay, it’s obvious that they’re going with the “New Coke” strategy: make New Spidey disliked so much that when they bring back the original, everyone will love him exponentially more than before the change.

There was nothing wrong with neither of them. Both of them played there characters just like the comic book counterparts.