Somebody explain this weirdness to me, PLEASE

pick spiderman…

hk throw

hold up back… you jump forward

damn. i’ve seen shit like this. I think it must have to do with the games processing the tracking info regarding the other characters sprite. Like how most assists come out backwards when you assist plus throw, the game flips the x axis momentarily for whatever dumb reason.

This reminds me of how Shuma has to charge Opposite in order to have a charge ready to throw eyes or do his Shuma spike ball bs just as the throw ends.

LOL, any thoughts on this Shoultz? I know you’ve got the knack for seein the dumb shit.

venom does the same. hold up forward hell jump back i also remember talkin to you on aim bout this back in our gamefaq days :lol:

gamefaqs? lmao… about five years for me dude. long time going.

This is what I was thinking as well and seems to be the most plausible as we see it in other situations, too. I have to do a few things this morning before turning on my DC, but if Spidey’s :hk: throw is one that ‘flips the x-axis’ in respect to character position, then the game must either:

a. process input for Spidey in beginning x-axis before he is able to regain movement in ending x-axis

b. switch the axes a little after input is allowed

that’s weird… all i was trying to do was a corner combo with bbhood assist (that turned out to be NASTY btw), and i run into this weirdness…

so venom and spiderman can do that… anybody else?

yeah i left shortly after you did but given the explanation im gonna assume anyones throw who flips the point character side while they are in motion will cause this glitch.

both spidey and venom start their throws facing forward but end their throw in the opposite direction. the game probably registers them still facing the original side thus causing the reverse jumps.

so if they facing the left the throw ends in the right although the sprite changes sides the game would now read up forwards as a backwards jump given the characters original starting point.

what i want to know… is there any normal attacks that will do this, so you can do some weird shit to an opponents assist, and your assist will become a crossup without ever crossing up… stupid shit, but… it’s marvel.

Ya i was wonderin about other possible implementations myself. I don’t know that normal attacks technically concern themselves with the horizontal plane bc they never are the sole factor in changing the opponent’s spacial relation to you (which i think is the key variable here). In other words, normals are just hitbox info animated in a direction dictated by opponent location whereas the throws actually dictate the opponent’s location relative to you.

As far as I can tell, the Spidey/Venom throw ish is a similar phenomenon to the need to do reverse motion specials in certain cases following a cross up (more specifically a change in what the game considers to be your offensive direction aka Forward). So if you don’t know at what point the Offensive face changes, Up-Forward becomes Up-Away.

The Shuma glitch is a little weirder, bc iirc you actually throw them in the same direction you ‘point’ the grab, but do pick them up over your head first. That split-second is apparently enough for marvel to swap the axis making you charge backwards.

hahaha, this is why i keep comin back

Somewhat unrelated, but another random thing about a throw.

Colossus air HP throw.

Do it, then while he is doing the throw, mash HP while holding down.

On recovery, he is does a J.HP, but while on the ground in place. It’s so weird looking. I also managed to do this with HK.

It only works about 10% of the time for some reason.


:u: I remember that.

wow, random… ok

question, for the hk grab with spidey. If you hold up/back and it jumps forward will the up/back enable you to block while jumping forward?


than thats really good, theres one less input you have to worry about while crossing over

Does Collosus do the floating HP more often when he has unfly? I know Ruby floats most often with unfly.

Gambit has an unfly float move too with wave dash up-angle Kinetic Cards, but its dumb, lol/

I never thought of that. I didn’t even know a character without fly could have unfly mode lol. I’ll try that.

yea cable and morrigan have unfly also. Cable can do 2 vipers before he hits the ground.

Ya ya, afaik everybody has unfly, but its hard to tell waht 90% of the cast even gains from it. Still brainstorming on what unfly means for His Giefness

Didn;t notice that about Cable btw, fun stuff. So he can do 2 nj Vipaah Beamus?

yeah explain that one since i figure you would still lose unfly if you nj even if you dont have a fly.