Somebody fight me


Hey everyone,
I have been playing SSFIVAE ever since the AE patch. I suck a lot at this game and I just want other friends to play it with. None of my friends (that are local) want to play me either because they don’t like fighting games or they just don’t like games period. I’m just looking for some SF buddies that will fight me once in a while so i’m not practicing by myself or getting my ass pummeled (and insulted) in ranked matches. I don’t care if you’re really good or bad. I just want some friends that like more fighting games and less shooters. I have Mortal Kombat(9), SSFIVAE, SF3(3rd strike), MvC2 and Ultimate3, Tekken6, SFxT, and a few others. All only on xbox360. My GT is the same as my forum name. Thanks!!!

P.S. I drink, smoke, and swear. I’m sure I can make you laugh butt i’m not family friendly.


I think you need to read the rules, but for some reason it’s hard to get mad at a guy with a sick ass regular show avatar picture. O_O


uh oh. I’m terrible at navigating forums. I’d be happy to read the rules. Link?




Are you going to help me or am I just suppose to keep looking through the forums? I wasn’t kidding. I came to this site to find other people to play this game with and to find help. I found out how to post a thread and posted it. Didn’t know I wasn’t suppose to do that. So if one of you could cut and paste a link that would really help me. Otherwise i’ll keep searching like a stupid ***hole.


I don’t think this is the appropriate place to ask for match but since im feeling nice here’s a link to find other people on your preferred Console/PC.


I didn’t know where to post something like this either. JinGotLinks actually does have links, though. You could always message people you play against online and be nice. Maybe go into a couple endless lobbies and try to make friends?

Here’s the Tip/Rules post you were looking for. It’s a stickied thread and right at the top of the Newbie page.


“Snikt me. Snikt me!!!”

Really though, nice avatar.

If the online topics seem a little slow, try Endless matches (“Player” match/lobbies in other games). People are friendlier, will respond better to random friend requests, might even send you one first.

You can host your own 1v1 room if you don’t like sitting out when you lose. The problem is waiting for people to come in… Got any Sudoku puzzles lying around?


moving to the xbox live section

please use the online outlets section for online matchmaking


Thanks, guys.


so my mistake was posting in the wrong place? sorry. like I said, I’m terrible at navigating forums. Thanks for the help.


Heh, your situation was kind of like mine before I luckily met some people who shared my same interest in fighting games. If you’d like to play with my friends and I. Don’t hesitate to add me: NBN Cloud
We’re not that good; but we love fighting games and we’re always having a good time. Hope you got a mic. =P


its on yo I think we’ve played before ill add you :slight_smile:


yo add me on xbl OG Swiizy I play the best character in the game GUI-EL