Somebody needs to make an EVO 09 SF4 Highlights Video

Ok, its not gonna be me :lovin:, I dont know how to edit a video properly, but god damm this year was so hype.
There were so many highlights all the weekend, not only from the usual top players, but tons of newcomers.

I think a highlights video would be amazing since going through all those hours of footage is kind of annoying, while a good edited 8 minute highlights video could be golden for a lot of people. Im telling you, a video like this would be an amazing advertise for next year’s evo.
BTW, if you’re like me and you dont know how to make videos, we should at least suggest some highlights.
I’ll look for some underground ones and post them later

Oh and I made this thread cause I think that an EVO DVD Trailer will happen, not only cause there’s no DVD (:rofl:) but because it will be on IGN in a couple of days, so I dont think JChen would bother.


DVD or no DVD, they better have a Evo trailer just for the hype factor. To this date, nothing beats the Evo 2K2 trailer to me. The music, footage, and yeah even the SF anime footage all coming together like that was just perfect to me.

There’s someone with highlight matches only

if someone does, they need to post a clip of when dogface asked the cannon brothers if they would rather be in cobra kai or some other group.
the cannon brothers said, without a doubt, cobra kai and a dude in the audience yelled out "send him home in a body bag!"
i cheered from the comfort of my computer chair!

in the highlight vid somone has to put triforce saying " LOOK AT THE DAMAGE x 5" in there

“What level is he playing at” o man Triforce was too good

Oh my gawd!11 r u series!?? At whut level is he playen at?!!111

I was at home yelling “GET HIM JOHNNY HE’S A CREAM PUFF!”

The more I look for videos the more I find that all of them are laggy
we really cant make a video with laggy replays…

that sucks…

lol, my wife was yelling out “johnny!”