Somebody tell me DMC's plot/canon

what kind of world is DMC at

tell me more facts

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i knew much about the darkstalker world …

however i’m not able to figure out what kind of world dante and other human/1/2 human/demon in this city …dead city …
there’s pizza ???

Dante’s on our planet Earth, just that there are Demons on Earth and I’m sure most people don’t know about it or are in denial. Kind of like how people react to Ghosts in the Ghostbusters movies. Dante’s world is not as Demon Heavy as the Darkstalkers planet Earth where people except Demons/Darkstalkers here on Earth and believe/fear them.

As for his Pizza, he could of picked it up from another town or had it delivered to him by Domino’s or something, nothing says he had to of bought it in town.

Most all of Capcom’s games take place on “out Earth” except with one major diffrience, ie with DMC and Onimusha its demons, with RE its zombies, with MM its robots, etc, etc.

hmmm i see , what about lucia in dmc2 ?? what’s her motive , what happen to trish in dmc2 ??

Trish most likely stayed home along with his Sparda Blade. Each game is going to get a new girl plus a new sword from the looks of things. Chances are they are still a couple and Dante’s joint is still called ‘Devil Never Cry.’ If you play Viewtiful Joe 1 with Dante one of the bosses becomes his Sparda Blade come to life, complains about getting slammed against Marrionettes and not being taken to an Island, I.E. DMC2 takes place on an Island, LOL! Anyway, while obviously OOC, the Viewtiful Joe games seem to imply that Dante and Trish are still a couple. There’s nothing romantic at all going on between Dante and Lucia.

Lucia hires Dante for a job on Dumary Island. THE END. Now don’t make us start remembering Devil May Cry 2. :rofl:

oh , in my opinion about dmc series , they need to make more cast …
just like Vampire Hunter D

I highly doubt Capcom would go with Dante and Trish being a couple! The woman looks exactly like his mother for God’s sake! I’m sure many would be against it.

As for DMC2, Capcom probably wont focus on it much since the game itself had little to no story at all.

Personally, they should scrap DMC2 all together and leave it as Dante’s Awakening>DMC1>DMC4 whenever it gets made, if they even make it.

You should study Freud… Long story short, people really do marry and date their mothers, or women with the same qualities.

Everything from DMC1 indicates they are a couple (or at the very least, were a couple) since they are working together and Dante even changed the name of his spot to “Devils Never Cry” to fit how she cried, and not being a Devil herself. And even if the game is out of DMC continuity, you can see Dante and Trsch make out in Viewtiful Joe. (Viewtiful Joe, Dante and Trish where all created by the same person.) If Capcom really did not want you to think there was something lovey dovey going on between Dante and Trish, they would of swapped Trish with someone else for VJ, or just had him make out with Silvia and flip the script.

And if you think that relationship’s creepy, check out Roll being a possible love interest for Megaman Legends. Um, in another lifetime they were brother and sister… EWE… Well, at least he gets to decide between her and Miss Tron…

Not sure where to put this, but I found it ironic and funny that Vergil and Lady used Dante’s styles when you fought them. Lady used a mixture or Trickster and Gun (whatever), while Vergil used some Swordmaster and Royal Guard. When I get good enough, I’m going to crush them both with just some Quicksilver.

I used Trickster on them all. Doing the Air Teleport dash thing is so much fun!

I haven’t had a chanc to play VJ2 yet though I just happened to get it delivered to my door a couple days ago (along with my DMC1, 2 and 3 OST’s which just amazing so BUY IT FOLKS!)

Indeed in some cultures or areas of the world, marrying your mother is fine…heck someone in India married their Grandmother and another person married their dog.

I personally disagree with it. Although Trish is not his mother in terms of personality, she still looks like her.

Aside from that, she tried to kill him so, I personally would be like “Nay, me lass. I can not trust thee” (or in some other words).

And yes VJ is well out of the DMC continuity so that scene wouldn’t count (I haven’t seen it as I haven’t even put the PS2 version that I have in my PS2. I only finished the GC one).

We all know Capcom change things along the line, but Dante and Trish being a couple is something I wouldn’t agree upon.

Although he renamed his business, it doesn’t mean it can link to them being an item. After all she does look like his mother so it may be a respect thing (whoa! Dante have respect!? Never…really!?!) but I guess we’ll need answers from Capcom.

Oh and the situation with Megaman and Roll…is disgusting. I’m sure the Egyptions back in the olden days used to do such things? Or have I been lied to?

Cousin is as far as I’d go (preferably not though) but if they happen to look identicle to my sister or my mother, then no.