Somebody want to explain this combo to me? (NVM: Answer inside)


Ok… so it’s…, d/f+hk (link) - is this an OTG?
Thanos bubble (Does this reset the OTG)? - Should be a wrap… (OTG) - WHAT THE FUCK?

The only 2 explanations I can see here…

Either Thanos resets the OTG count or the d/f+hk is actually fast enough to be a juggle and not an OTG, but that doesn’t make sense, since you can’t juggle off of a sweep state, only a falling state.

Found out from Magnetro via Romneto that the bubble is a special OTG state that doesn’t count towards the OTG, thus making you able to OTG twice.

It’s like he doesn’t even play Marvel 2. Guy doesn’t even know how his own combos work.

Only normals? The fuck? Flying screen is the only thing that kills your specials.

And then…

The fuck? OTGs cause flying screen?

Thanos keeps him in OTG? What?

Since when can you OTG in Marvel more than once? Juggle, yes, but OTG? I think not.