somebody want to make me an avatar???

something green… no animation… but green…

maybe something with a greeen character…

dr. doom
green lantern
or a green recolor on somebody

something green

just… greeeeeeeeeeeen



you’re a fag

i’ll make one for fun, as soon as i find something interesting thats green.

i wish my backgrounds were as top tier as everyone else’s :pleased:

ill make one too :).

guile is the man

here you go hadou…i mean m1x4h

hawt, tanx

i’m low tier :sad:

gimme a week/couple nights, and i may be done

edit: kk, I think this is the final product I think. the shadow really bothers me, as well as the line thingys by your name, but I’d tote this shit… i’ll fix it 2morrow if I have time

plz post/pm/im or somethin when you’ve saved that shit

kk… this shits done…i even made a fucked up one for fun

Lmfao I Love It Sean!!!