Somebody want to make me an avatar?

i’ll be back making them as soon as i get back to school… around the end of august / begining of september. until then, i’ve had this one for a few months already… i’m kinda getting bored of the whole team fantasy thing… anything you want to make with either a MvC2 or GGXX base…

my shit…


or GGXX:
baiken, dizzy, millia, venom, ky

anything of that sorts.

thanks a lot

hmmmm, I’ve been kinda bored at some part of the day (everyday) so, I guess I can do this for you. SHould be done pretty soon.

thanks. i saw that cable edit… nice :slight_smile:

:lol: Thanks man. It was just something I did for fun cause I was bored off my ass.


here ya go bud, I hope you like it:


w/o text

any changes, please let me know and I will be more than happy to change some things.

thanks bud