Someone cant count

Marvel vs Capcom 2 | 106 players
Capcom vs SNK 2 | 102 players
Guilty Gear XX | 93 players
Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike| 77 players
Super Turbo | 65 players
Tekken 4 | 56 players
Soul Calibur 2 | 49 players
Tekken Tag Tournament | 45 players
Virtua Fighter 4 | 17 players

Total Number of Players 209 total players


you don’t think people are entering multiple games?

some people signed up for all games. so they should be counted 9 times right? wrong :lame:

Then they should reset that cuz that makes me feel stupid thinking 107+102+56 and all those other numbers only add up to 209…

why should they reset it? the top lists how many are signed up for each game. right under lists how many people that have signed up total.

each state has the number of players it has signed next to its name. if you add them up you get the number of people signed up.

what they have is right, you just misunderstood it.


rubs eyes kicks self in the eye

Thanks for clearin that up peoples…god damn im :lame:

…agrees, gotta be from LV lllll tells ya! :lol: game 0n!

awww…man…:frowning: :lol: