Someone draw this kid so i can put him on a t shirt


This is dj san he is a kid from Columbus we have been wanting to put him on a t shirt for quite some time now. All proceeds from t shirt sales will go to powering up the columbus ohio live stream I would love to make him chibi as hell but feel free to use your best judgement for what you think will be the funniest. I am sure if any of you follow the blog here on srk that you will see he has more blogs then any other being on here :slight_smile: just a simple black and white sketch will be awesome! He is a cammy player in 4 relitvly new to our community but he has alraedy managed to make his mark below are links to some photos and to his blog just for lolz :). Also I will be sure to give you a free shirt for dawning your hard work thanks in advance.


None of the flickr links work for me…


sorry shervin links fixed :slight_smile: