Someone explain how FBA and BHC work?

Sometimes Bloody High Claw just flies makes Vega fly back to the wall behind him rather than towards the opponent. This doesn’t seem to happen in the corner though. Any help with how this works?

With FBA, it seems that the direction that I charge in, down back or down forward, determines if i go back or toward the opponent.

Can I get some clarification on how these work so I can stop just guessing?

After charging, if you press up and back he goes backward, if you press up and forward he goes forward.

Im curious about this one as well…sometimes he doesnt fly back to the wall at the start of BHC and just uses his knee to start it.

Hold up forward after inputing the BHC until the animation.

Charge down. Up + 3P.

Freeze animation is starting. At this point, hold up + direction you want until move executes.