Someone Fill Me in on the Alpha 3 Era


Rivalries, majors, nascent stars, the community’s ideas of the future… as much as memory will allow.

Started playing the game recently, and it seems pretty sick. Saw the Valle vs Daigo 98’ match and I’m assuming that’s where their rivalry started. I’d just like some context for this match and the game in general, because it seems like it was fiercely competitive at one point.

Or am I wrong about that?


You’re wrong about everything.


The only things I know are that I think the biggest SF tournament ever was that one Japanese national A3 tournament. Also that Bas of CvS2 fame was a top A3 player, altho back then he only went by D44


Listen to this for a good explanation:


What’s the date of this podcast?


Why does that matter.

And I doubt this is where their “Rivalry” started, didn’t even know Daigo and Valle was a rivalry, do you automatically get one by playing someone? Anywho before bed last night I was watching Valle and Daigo playing SFIIT at Evo '06, very good stuff and about two years before this one you speak of.


He said 98 not 08 :wonder:


He’s obviously retarded.

“Why does it matter?”

Why does this thread matter? Why does anything matter?

Anyways, if anyone knows the date of the podcast, I’d appreciate it.


Ahh thought it was '08, my mistake then. I was wondering why Alpha 3 was getting play in that time >_>


Why do you feel the need to insult somebody? What is that your knee jerk reaction or something?


It’s a defense mechanism evolved from 6 + years browsing these forums with a Smash avatar. My apologies?

Podcast? Date? Anyone?


Good question


Lol that shouldn’t matter. The only people who constantly bash smash are the ones generally not involved in the community. So by default they shouldn’t even matter.

Why DOES the podcast date matter to you.

I’ve looked it up by the way and can’t seem to find a date.


jesus christ, if you care so much why don’t you spend a second to find the info yourself:

magic podcast date finding link


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:slight_smile: Thank you.

I figured it was 08’, since they started talking about SF4 towards the end. Sometime you just tend to forget about Google :wink:


Actually Smashboy isn’t wrong–for once.
The Valle-Daigo rivalry started here.

All you need to know is that for about a year and a half, Alpha 3 was THE game. Then the game basically died overnight. One reason being Marvel. The other being this:


^I’ve been looking forever for something like that. Thanks, SFboy.

That podcast was mostly about Valle, so hopefully, other players that were actually part of that scene spot this thread and something.


play alpha 2


Alpha 3 was competitive from 1998-2002 (it was featured in some majors after that, but usually as side tournaments). Valle was the first Alpha 3 champion, but was later overtaken by John Choi (I think by Mike Watson, too). East Coast guys like Eddie Lee, Arturo Sanchez, Jeron Grayson were also great. The Japanese were on another level late in Alpha 3’s span.

There isn’t one factor why Alpha 3 isn’t played anymore. IMO, the reasons are:

-Lack of a console port (before 2006), when EVO and other majors started moving to console in 2004, this put an already faded Alpha 3 on the back burner. There was no good port for the game, DC and PSX versions weren’t true to the arcade, Saturn was the closest, but was very hard to find and wasn’t quite arcade perfect.

-Newer games coming out. CvS1, CvS2, MvC2, TTT, T4, SC2, GGXX, etc… were out and with the old saying, “out with the old, in with the new.” It is very hard to run so many games in one tournament, unless the number of entrants for the games are very low.

-People didn’t like how the game developed. Pretty much, other than a few characters (Guy, Bison, Gen, maybe Dhalsim, though he can use all the ISMs will), if you aren’t using V-ISM, you’re screwed. Crouch Cancels were found out, and many people didn’t like it. IMO, crouch cancels make Alpha 3 one of the most balanced fighters, but people don’t like seeing someone get juggled in the air for 90 seconds.

Alpha 3 isn’t like other SF games, it plays like one, but… Kyokuji put it best: Alpha 3 is like a meter cold war, meter first, the SF second. It is the most technical SF game (I believe that MvC2 is more technical, possibly CvS2, but those don’t have SF in the title). The game feels weird, due to the wonky hitboxes, and as I mentioned before, if you aren’t using V-ISM against a decent opponent, then you’re in for a rude awakening. The game is a bitter pill to swallow, and while I like the game a lot, I can understand why many others (even good players) don’t, which is why I don’t think I can consider it a great game.