Someone give me a badge and a gun


Really? Is this shit for real? Fucking dumbasses. Reality must be too REAL for them


One of the employees leaving did it from the other link, just because it was there. So nobody was told about the Panic button in the office? And its in some easy accessible place I guess.

Cops got to play NES on Wii with a big wooden table controller after laughing at themselves. And after yelling at the boss of the office and not asking him about the life size statue. I guess they won’t be putting that near any windows anymore.


well that is a pretty well made statue


Panic buttons exist for a reason. Cops responding to one are bound to be on alert and ready for anything. Dressed in all that gear, that statue looks pretty realistic, especially from behind a window looking out at the street like that. The cops are simply playing it smart and safe by treating it as a threat until they can verify that it isn’t one.


Couldn’t someone in the department have called someone in the building to notify them of the situation? Whereupon the person they reached could have said “Yeah… statue.”


Rofl oh, fuck me running…this is so good it MUST be fattening.


What kind of irresponsible police force forgoes basic training and allows cops to walk the streets without ANY call of duty experience?


Call of Duty: Ghost all right.

The ghost of Chris Dorner.


fucking failure

good job LAPD once again proving that common sense doesn’t exist in the department


LOL, this makes my recovery from getting a nasty fever a little better! That’s a cool statue.


Brilliant story, now lets see the full CCTV footage :smiley:


Next time a rob a place, I’ll bring one of these along and tell the SWAT team that it’s only a statue, and then continue to rob the place once they’ve gone.


just another day for the LAPD. I’m surprised that statue isn’t swiss cheese yet

and why the fuck does a software company have a panic button?


This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of this. Stories like this happen all the time with cardboard cut-outs and much less threatening looking mannequins.


Holy crap! Waste!


Of course all hostages are giving the privilege of using a fucking phone in one of these situations.


lol what? XD

They should have called, if nobody picks up then they carry on following the procedure to deal with a threat. If someone picks up then they find out what’s going on. It’s that simple.

I used to work at a cinema, after 9/11 we were told if there was ever a bomb threat/hostage/robbery situation and we needed to be discreet whilst talking to the police/management we would use the code word Mr Stone.