Someone give Sabre a SBO wildcard!


That sakura mixup and tricks were just toooooooooo siiiccckkkkk:looney::looney::looney:

I’m sure it would have worked on daigo :slight_smile:


No console characters at SBO buddy.


um yeah soooo /thread then?


Either way, major props to Sabre. Wish I could play Sakura like that.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Both Sakura and cammy went up in the tier listings because of this shit.


Sabre fucking did well with Sakura. Best Sakura player I have seen. Massive damage with his combos.


Even if they gave him a spot it won’t matter because Japan is just going to give U.S the lowest seed and that mean we play their big gun in the 1st round. He won’t get a shot to show his stuff which is sad, because that Sakura is amazing.


Definitely some cool matches from sabre. Good to see some lesser used chars go far.




^ That dude was terrible in his vids.


please tell me you are joking. actually, scratch that, i know you aren’t.


I would like to see Sabre’s Sakura vs. Sanford’s Cammy.


Sabre’s Sakura is insane. I haven’t seen many good Sakura’s, but his just shits on them all.


Good shit to Sabre with Sakura. Watching his Sakura makes you want to learn her. Truth.


I think I’ll take Sabre’s Sakneto mixups vs top players to some player dropping combos vs online warriors.
But thank you for the recommendation.


yeah sabre’s sakura was sick, AGAINST SOME OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE UNITED STATES, not random fuckers from bumfuck lagville


Sabre vs Valle.
I came, I saw, I came.


Too good… when he beat gootecks, I was pretty amazed, and then he beat Valle right after that and I jizzed in my pants.

Shame about east coast taking it though, pretty anticlimactic ending. :\


tapent = Zack Austin?

*Question mark.


lol nahhh.