Someone help me out

Ive been playing Ryu on and off, but recently I’ve decided to play him permanently, but I seem to be having alot of trouble with his kara grabs. Can some of you give me a few pointers on executing them flawlessly the way alot of you that have been playing him for a long time do? I’d really appreciate it, because I know that kara grabs for Ryu are almost essential If you decide to play him seriously.

Press f+mp and throw at the same time. If you just get a non kara throw coming out, increase the time gap between the mp and throw. If you just get an mp coming out, decrease the time gap. The perfect balance between the two is a kara throw.

Thanks alot man.:tup:
btw. I hear really good things about your Akuma from my best buddy. His name on here is Hellmurder. I would really like to see for myself one day, but unfortunately I dont have Xbox Live.

Ah yes, my mirror rival HellMurder :nunchuck: Well I do post vids of myself posing with naked supermodels, but I think you’re more interested in the Akuma vids :rofl:

has tons of akuma vids from tournaments, and 3 old matches of me during the quarter finals of a ranking battle in UK. There’s also one match which I played on XBL, but that was posted for different reasons - NOT quality of play. I will be uploading more of my recent vids here though. XBL included.

has footage from London Trocadero - arcade hangout where the top players can be found. I recently added two vids of myself playing that same Ken player (recorded last week) even though the sticks were shit, but thought there should be something of me there.

I’d really like to see those, but im on 56.K and it would probably fuck up haha. But Im going to Hellmurders house tommorow, perhaps we can set up a little arrangement on Xbox Live so I can see for myself the god-like Harmonaz Akuma?

pm me :tup:

Play Gwellish if you want to see a god-like Akuma.

Nah, I still think you were better. He used to be on my friendslist but I removed him I think. I don’t know why I do that shit. Just randomly removing people. Yah, but Naz, no sweat, even if you don’t get to play him I gotta bunch of you and other tournament Akuma vids on my computer. :rock:

Ah man, if only I had xboxlive…

Is it normal to think that xbox live = nothing compared to the arcade?

No, XBL is complete garbage – play if you’re bored and literally have no comp in the area, but if you win or lose, don’t take it at all seriously.

It’d be like if your friends sucked so bad, you played with your feet. Yeah, you’re playing Street Fighter, but with such a handicap who gives a shit.