Someone Hit My Car! What do I do?


I noticed yesterday while picking up my fiance from work, that someone had hit the front of my car. When I returned home, I suspected a neighbor in my apartment complex. So while snooping late at night, I found a car with very similar damage with the same height and length of damage but since he had a rubber bumper, he sanded it down or used a brillo pad to wipe away the evidence on his vehicle. This is not a vehicle that usually resides around here and seems to be a person that is visiting someone. It’s not major damage but is cosmetic enough for me to be irritated. I don’t want my insurance rates going up but I definitely don’t want this to go so easily. I’m planning on confronting the owner of the vehicle in a nice way just to see if they’ll admit it and help to get past this, but with the way they’re already acting on getting rid of the evidence, I’m not sure they’ll be very cooperative. What should I do guys? File a police report anyways?


yeah take pictures of both and let the cops know. Or if your not going to go through the cops smash in his headlights or something just to get even.


Yeah if he doesn’t pay willingly blackmail him with pics.


Snickers in the gas tank

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Hahaha… Wow. You guys are awesome for being so rough. I think I’m gonna confront them and based on their reaction and how willing they are to fix the problem I might file a report or do the Snikers in the tank, with busted headlights, and naked pictures of them to blackmail them. I’ll keep you guys posted. Hope you guys have enough material for me to get back at them just in case they decide to get back at me!


If you confront, you can’t snickerize the car.
Come back with an update and I will try and remember some more jacked up things I have seen happen in the past.

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yeah if you actually confront them and they turn you down…they will have an idea it’s you that’s fucking with their car afterwards. If they leave their door unlocked shit on their seats.


I was thinking of hiding raw meat in a place they would never find it…but this takes the messed up cake.

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We would be excellent friends in real life.


It would be hard to prove it. And I don’t think the cops would go all CSI on your car. They may ask the owner of the car to see if they were responsible but won’t probably drill them on it. Street justice sir, street justice.


Lol. I guess you too are planning to take over the world?

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Tell your insurance whats up but seeing as you don’t have a second party involved they will probably make you pay a deductible to get it repaired. If you could prove without a shadow of a doubt that those people hit you, you can get their insurance to pay for the damages. Almost all the time they require a police report as well. I was in a car accident back mid-may (I got hit) so I’m currently going through some stuff with insurances as well. Good thing I got a lawyer.



I would have confronted the person in a calm manner as soon as I first saw the damage, if they would have went ham on me for doing so…they are guilty


WTF SRK, pics of fiance now!


My fiancé’s car (Future-wife-mobile) got hit in the parking lot at work. She called the cops, who found a nearly-perfect imprint of another co-worker’s plate #. Too good.

That said, you’re SOL. You may be dealing with a Casey situation, remember- blaming an innocent person you merely perceive to be guilty.

…Speaking legally.