Someone knowledgable confirm I'm buying the right things (SE stick conversion)


Hey guys- I’m upgrading an SE stick to what’ll functionally be a TE stick. This is what I’m buying from Lizard Lick. Sound good?

Sanwa JLF-TP-8T Ball Handle Joystick, 4 & 8-Way Adjustable

8 Sanwa OBSF-30 Pushbuttons with Vertical Microswitch

Sanwa GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate

I’m pretty sure all of this is compatible, save for the stick. I understand you’re supposed to use an 8Y or so it seems- can someone tell me if I’ve got it right?



you got it! all those would fit right in to the SE (might have to remove the mounting plate from the JLF)


Restrictor plate is optional right?


yeah I want to give the octagonal a try. Not quite sure I like square yet, but I’ve got till when my order arrives to find out.

Thanks for the help!


which restrictor gives the stick a full round feeling???

also is the seimitsu stick better then the sanwa’s?
sorry im new to this custom modding but i want to make my stick as close as possible to the arcade feeling.

i have somewhat the same list as the op except i added the bat stick add on and i am now unsure which stick replacement to buy. sanwa? or seimitsu? is there a noticable difference? is there a comparison thread somewhere?

any help would be great.


Octagonal feels like a circle with little ridges in it so you can feel exactly where each direction is. If you want a circular feel but still want a lot of precision i would get an octagonal gate.

Seimitsu and Sanwa are both top-notch japanese arcade part manufacturers. You can’t go wrong with either. Some people like sanwa better, some people like Seimitsu better, its just a matter of preference and opinion. But as i said you can’t go wrong with either. (Although, the mad catz sticks were made based completely off the designs by Sanwa. Its basically a sanwa knockoff, and TE stick uses actual sanwa parts. So if you want your stick to be a lot like the TE version, i would get sanwa parts.)

If the Sanwa LB-30-N Joystick Bat Top is what you also got, from what i can tell, it only fits on the JLW-UM-8. Can be used with JLF series and JLW-TM-8 using an adapter sold on – Im not a fan of bat style sticks and cant help you with that much. – It looks as if the JLW-UM-8 stick already comes with a bat-style top, so if im not mistaken, you can just buy that stick + octagonal gate + new buttons and you’ll be set.

Good Luck.


thanks buddy.

so the choice is clear. i just saw some sanwa and seimitsu vids.
im going to be goin with the sanwa parts. it turns out the srimitsu sticks were the ones i did not like in the arcade. i remember the thick stick and huge ball tops.

yes that bat top you mentioned is the piece i will be getting.
im an oldschooler who loved the happ controls back in the day at the 25 cent funland arcade. but i love the control response of the sanwa’s and seimitsu’s at pac mall and chinatown.

now here’s the big question… buttons???
who knows the difference? i cant seem to find and comparison threads on buttons… i want the oldschool inward curved buttons that click when you press the jap button repeatedly. not sure what those are called but i took a look at the button selections and man that was even harder then the stick…


oh yeah as for the 8 point feeling. no. i want the full 360 motion with no bumps or grooves. i want smooth all around 360. where can i get a stick or restrictor that has this option?


for the circular feeling of the Sanwa JLF, you’ll just have to remove the square gate (clear plastic ring on the bottom). the concave buttons you are looking for are/were Happ competition buttons (they are kinda hard to find nowadays from what i remember tho). look for the Sanwa and Seimitsu FAQ here on SRK for comparison of parts. good luck getting your perfect stick =)