Someone Make Av

the fifth person to post an avatar on here shall decide what will mask my posts. anything!!! as long as its #5. ill wear it.

how about this? instead of waiting till five… ill use number one! sound better…?

hmm… slow day much? nobody wants the glory?

you all lose at the internet!

This sounds like an extremely lame way to get 5 free avatars.


Edit: / Funny thing…you’re both post #1 and #5…I guess you have to wear your own avatar.

i only want one… i dont need to do it this way. if i want five avs, i just gotta make five threads. but, i figure itll be cool to see what random shit people come up with, and ill use it no matter what. :pleased:

then you can piss off the other 4 people who put time & effort into making an av by wearing #5’s av. good idea :tup:

im only doing the first one.