Someone make me a avatar please

can someone make me a ryu avatar?I want the orginal ryu from Street fighter 2. Thanks.

Here you go!!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

BTW: I’m just kidding:p

I’ll make the av for ya. But I just want to make sure that you still want one, and do you really want one with Ryu from Street figter 2.
-just reply back and I’ll make ya one if ya still want it:D

well,if you can make a cool looking one with ryu,it’s cool too. Thanks.

how long does it take make one?

Sorry about the wait, I’ve been kinda busy with homework and stuff. But uhhh here it is.

Here’s a second option. the quality isn’t as good cuz I had to optimize it to keep it under 20k. I think it looks pretty good animated though.

-if you want the timing changed I can do that

the second one is perfect. THanks a lot. HOw does the avatar show up next to myname?

after you’ve downloaded the av, go to the menu at the top Forums-> Control Panel-> Change Avatar-> Then click the Browse button near the bottom -> that should be it:D

hey man can u make me one? if u can its something like a picture of akuma covering it with his eyes red and its flashing slowly like lightning with Raziel321 flashing with it. If not maybe some other time. Btw take your time im in no rush