Someone make me a Jiraiya Avater


Just take the picture in the attachment and make a cool Av out of it. Only things, I want to be in there is my name: "Deserteur"
thx in forward.


Hey, I can take this one. Look for it later.


Here it is. Hope you like it.


Well looks good, but I somehow don’t like the animated Jiraiya.
Might you put something else instead of him there ? Lika a frog or the Konoha symbol or something else you think it would fit there.
And make the shadow effect away. Man I sound like a total jerk.
Sry, maybe I’m demanding too much from you. I apreciate you’re efforts very much. thx




Who asked u damn noob for your opinion ?


Yeah, I’ll change it for you. What do you mean by “shadow effect” though?


thanx alot. A part of Jiraiyas hand is bright the other one is darker. Thats what I mean.


Okay, here’s the fixed one. I put the Hidden Leaf symbol on instead of the animated Jiraiya, and made his whole body the same tone. Hopefully, this one will work for you. :slight_smile:


Thanx alot. I like it. good work.