Someone make me this AV or I'm going premium and join Team Bubz

So I’ve tried several AV makers and know ones even giving me a response. :annoy:

If anyone has sympathy then they can try to make me an av.

It has to feature this pic
With the words “She Believes” somewhere, and I’d like to have this logo
in the background maybe faded.

P.S. I would love to be able to sport this AV before the Warriors are ousted in the Playoffs.

Looks like you’re going premium and joining Team Bubz.

If I have time, I’ll do your request.

Didn’t Master chibi say time and time again that he was done doing Team Bubz avs? You’ll have to wait until your request is fulfilled.

here’s my attempt …

but it is a little difficult fitting an upright profile image (mainly because of the girl) on a horizontal landscape layout (avatars are wider than they are tall).

if you like the direction, give me some feedback

well i do like the direction, but you should probably shrink the girl so only like 75% of her is showing. i do can without her legs i guess.

Yeah I’m backlogged like fucking crazy.

Sorry, they’ll get done >_<

I don’t understand the thread title :wonder:

Sorry its just my attempt at getting some attention and help.

I’m like this close (- -) to joining Team Bubz.

'k bro, here it is …

i can see why other peeps declined the project. have you eye’d out any good bubz yet? :smiley:

Nice!!! It’s just in time for the W’s to come back from 1-3.