Someone needs to make wikipedia pages for JWong, Valle, Choi, etc


There is a pretty detailed entry for Daigo, but none of the American greats are represented. Let’s get on it, guys.


Well get on Poe…


You’ll need to collect published articles and sources referring to them. The Wiki police don’t like original research.


Yeah, I will definitely help myself (I know there are some good articles on Valle and Wong, not sure about Choi), but I don’t wanna do it ALL myself :stuck_out_tongue:


These articles are a part of the dickriding category. Click here to see more articles related to dickriding.


Um, why?


Didn’t the last issue of Game Informer have articles on Daigo and Justin? You guys can use that I guess.




…I wonder, is this community expanding or is it just becoming a whore?


who cares. why don’t you do it and quit bitchin about it


Neg bomb OP for not listing Dr. B first…(no DR)


the second one


typical dumb 09er. Posting first before searching. We already have something that is much better than a wiki page:

you just can’t do any better than that.


I knew that page was gonna come up in this thread. :lol:


LOL! The fucking truth.


why do they need wikis?


Wikis for notable players leads to more fighting game mainstream exposure and more legitimacy for major tournaments. Other then that nothing.


…Yeah I’m pretty it just leads to more whoring.


couldn’t they find out about that here in SRK? or once they go to whatever tournament they go to?


Hsien Chang