Someone play Star Trek Online with me (I refuse to believe I'm the only dude playin')

So… being the ultra turbonerd that I am, I decided to get into that Star Trek online, as it is an awful awful game I searched and searched and magically somehow could not find a thread about it.

Stuff this game has going for it:

  1. Stars
  2. Treks


  1. MMOS that do ship combat better - EVE
  2. MMOS that do ground combat better - like every other game

even though this is a shallow piece of crud i am having madfuns so if anyone else is playin this masterpiece add chet@boel (yes the chat/friends system is so awful it uses both your character name and a handle that you make just for this purpose)

Lt. Chet Michael Reed of the USS Abhorrent

You need to halodeck your ass a house you old destitute motherfucker

i wanted to check it out but heard it sucks (its probably better than the turd that is aion tho)

how’s the ship combat? do you get to command a ship from the bridge, like you do in the actual TV shows, or does it end up being a “tank” ship, a “dps” ship, and a “healing” ship taking down an “elite” enemy ship.

If you took starfleet command, and made it for an 8 year old you would have the ship combat, its kinda fun but there isnt really any in depth strategery, and pretty much if other dudes are in the zone it seems a general clusterfuck in lieu of an actual planning, as none is really necessary, there is no death penalty and you respawn in like 10 seconds

is babbies game

edit : you always have to be wary of a game that is willing to sell a lifetime sub, that pretty much ensures that there is little content and they are just trying to squeeze as much money as they can

I enjoyed the beta well enough, but like any other MMO I even think of considering, I don’t plan on being an early adopter. Even City of Heroes (the only MMO I ever really got into big time) was a mess in the first year.

ive never seen a non-korean mmo get such a low score on its release
not a good sign

I admit I played the beta. Didn’t like it.

The game feels about 30% complete but I am having fun, as much as I rail against it I am having fun, which is #1 for me

And that’s exactly why I’ll wait a year. I’m still miffed I never got a chance to hit Lt Commander in the beta to see other ships in action… beta was mucked up as all hell connection-wise. Between that and having a full-time job + toddler… if they had given me one more day, I woulda been able to do it. :bluu: