Someone please close / delete this~

What is this, the fourth resurrection now? Last time we had well over 100 joining in whole deal, and amazingly some people are still rocking those avatars.

So let’s see what we can get going this time.

Before I start though, please take notice:

I’m not entirely too happy with how this version came out, so I’m going to take five requests first and see the result, and then we’ll go from there.

These first five requests must involve sprites and you must provide said sprites. If you do not provide them, you will not get an avatar, simple as that.

So let’s give this a shot again, shall we?



sup tlk version… 4? 5?

anyway, could you make me one with this in premium size?

It’s up.

Hmmmmmmmm, I might have to work this design some more tomorrow, I liked the last design better.

Team Light Chick > Team Light Kick.

WOMFG! You did it!

Could you use a frame of King doing this in premie size? I couldn’t find a still gif of it.


hook it up chibz

can do the frame where his arms are open please :lovin:

Number 4/5? Hope I’m not too late. Of all the years I’ve been here, I never had a TLK av. :confused:

this version of tlk sux some serious salty balls.

where’s the creativity? how many preset filters did you use? two? blah!!!

the bg’s of the av’s look like you just started using photoshop today or something.

straight on some ol’ Fisher Price: My First Avatar shyt.

lmao shatterstar

lmao dang.

shatta, i need a new av. kthxbye. <3

Ewwww, it look like throw up with peas in it. M. Chibi, you been eating peas?

yo ill be hitting this up soon i still have my geese tlk with my old name :smiley:

yeah ive been sitting on this all day and i just don’t like it.

i tried to recreate the walls of the nyc subway, but it doesn’t look like it panned out very well. I didn’t use any filters either ;P.

sorry guys, i’m going to go at this again. if you’re in this thread and you got an avatar done or requested, ill put you first when i get my shit together.