Someone should bring Karnov's Revenge to Evo

I brought my MVS cart for this game last year, but couldn’t find the time to run it. I’d love to get some matches in for Fighters History Dynamite aka Karnov’s Revenge at Evo.

I forgot to bring my cart this year, so please, bring a cart if you could. Thanks!

You could also use a modded xbox with fba

FHD is an old fave of mine, but regrettably, I don’t yet have it in my NEO-GEO MVS or AES collections. I’m one of the Las Vegas locals that brought the big homebrew black & blue cabs that were running MVS setups at the back of the BYOC area. On Saturday, several attendees asked us if we had FHD (perhaps you were one of them?) – I will definitely be adding this game to my collection in the next 12 months, so we’ll have it with us at EVO’09 for certain.:wgrin:


If I knew you didn’t have it I would have brought a copy.

Dash no Chris, thanks for having such a cool home brew setup, I asked you as well and was a little sad, hahahaha. I was FIENDING to play FHD the whole time vs you laugh! Anyone who didn’t get to play FHD vs me, consider themselves lucky…