Someone should make 3rd Strike shirts

All I see on ebay and in stores are old SFII shirts and some are chill but 3S shirts would be sick. Anyone here have skills to make a line of 3S shirts?? I’m sure a ton of people here would buy…

I was thinking of making a Trace Memory shirt, some KoF XI shirts, and a Alpha 3 shirt, but I’m low on cash. I’m probally not going to persue this dream until I get a job and can pay for Fanime and Evo2k…

But if I start making shirts, I’ll try and contact you…

dude i would pay to to make a shirt with Motw Terry and 3rd strike Ken together in some cool way o.O idunno dont mind me just tend to blurt out things

:rofl: Wearing video game shirts, lol… dood.

And? How do they differ from band t-shirts or other branded clothing? I <3 my video game tees.
And I agree with the thread starter, there’s only SFII stuff… needs more III onwards!

My bad fellas, It just reminded me of like the 6th grade when I used to wear shirts like that, in the 6th grade… dood.

Cuz they’re nerdy as fuck. I would wear em though.

I would make them to sell for like 30 dollars, even though its like 15 dollars to make. Go to Costco get a pack of white tshirts, get the printing, sell it on ebay and at anime conventions. Shit your rich at the end.

Copyright laws…?

Hm… Ex-nay. Don’t want to get into trouble with the law. Forgot about that…


And I would definitely wear a Video Game shirt. Saying you wouldn’t because it’s “nerdy” is a stupid reason. If it looked bomb, you would rock it.

i have trouble finding cool game shirts… i gotta go to NY, i’d probably find some nice ones there, cant find much of anything in NJ

Buddy of mine made a MGS and a few other shirts from this site and he liked the way they came out, think it only cost him bout 20 bucks a shirt

I think a T-shirt with the 3s character selection screen on the back would look good.

cool elena av n.n

make me a 12 one and one with a no smokin sign on Ken and I’ll rock that shit!!!

Not really trying to spam up the thread, but here is another site that I help run:

We have a few shirts that have a 3S ‘theme’ but nothing so far as to infringe on copyright. They have been there for at least the last four years.

I’m gonna get on this, just gotta come up with my own artwork.

Nice. I really like that 5-star polo.