Someone Swindled Me!


Hey i ordered a pizza during the tournament, and i never got it.:frowning:




it was probably one of the many pizzas that were ordered. I dunno what happened to most of them, but I remember the pizza guy being paid and people jacking it :slight_smile: Guess you should have stuck around and waited for the pizza guy to show.


I got lucky with my pizza. It arrived and I guess the pizza guy didn’t bother telling anyone who they were for, so Inkblot announced there were random pizzas for sale. Thankfully I was close by so I could get to 'em before they got jacked. Stupid pizza guys. :slight_smile:


hahahahaha. There was one pizza guy at the back entrance(where the asian food people were chillin on sat. night)… he said he’d been waiting for like half an hour and he had a big bag full… when he picked it up he sorta tilted to the side xD

I think he eventually left =… he was pretty po’d.


can i still get my money back?


change your avatar shit is gay like your friendster pics =)


Yeah, he was talking on his cell phone to his manager i think. It was some funny shit.