Someone that kindly help me on this situation

I was a blazblue player, very decent. Now im starting to like SFxT a lot. I played arcade against the CPU of course, because this is brand new to me. Messed around in training mode for a few hours to get BnB combos down for Rufus and Hugo. Then i started playing online, knowing i wasn’t going to do do godlike since im new to capcom fighting games, but man, i played 12 matches, only won 1. How can i get better at this? Do i have to get beat up a lot to get experience and know the other characters (what moves can be punished, what are safe moves and etc)? any tips to get better will be appreciate since i dont know what giving up means in my life, i want to get better, i know i will, but this one might need a bit more of effort from me. thanks for the advices

Yes, you will have to get beat up a lot. It’s the best way to learn. After playing the same characters over and over you will know what to watch out for. For me, I do fine against people using SF characters but have a hard time against people using Tekken characters because I’m not really sure what to look out for. You just need that experience.

Also I would watch some videos of top players playing. You like Rufus, so maybe look up some of the Justin Wong videos to get a sense of what the character can do and how to handle certain situations.