Someone to help teach Option Selects

Hey guys. If anyone out there experienced in the use of option selects wouldnt mind taking an hour or so to hop online with me some time to teach me the basics of how to do these I would greatly appreciate it. I am not quite sure on how these works.

For example I am unsure on how to read this particular one for fei long.

cr.LK > cr.LK+HP - Should be your main one since it’s very easy to do.

Or this:

cr.LK > [cl.HP/LK] (Does a chained cr.LK if no move comes out, or a cl.HP if the move does).

For this one I dont understand what this is saying. Is it saying to hit all of those buttons at once while someone is blocking? Or are these all hit individually, or so close together that it appears simultaneous.

Any help would be awesome.

start at the basics, fei’s OS’s were difficult for me, the only advice i’de give you right now is to go on youtube and watch VESPERARCADE