Someone verify this for me



**Ok, I’ve just found/read about the inputs for executing Akuma’s “Walking Raging Demon”. Evil

–> LP~MP <-- LK~HP : Supposedly it is the hardest of all the “Raging Demon” inputs to execute but looks easy enough if you are familiar with Guile, think “Sonic Boom”, which I am. kekeke

Standard Raging Demon (Super/Ultra):
LP~LP --> or <-- LK~HP**

Some dude told me this on another forum. Tried and doesn’t work… That dude was probably BS’ing…


You’ve been here since 2007?


Oh jeez.


hard input? what are you like 10 years old?

i’m puzzled by this “hard input” concept… unless you autistic there is no excuse for not being able to input simple commands


Yeah dude I dunno what that dude on the other forum was saying he was paintin that mural of lies


Two years ago, it was all, “Oh no, another '07 member.”

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and haven’t been back in here since… who knows when… hahaha…

and btw, i quoted the guy who told me this… i didn’t write that


You didn’t see the SF board? Or the thread about Akuma’s inputs? How are you going to pull an 09 like that?


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give me a smart comment… i’ll give you one right back.

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[quote=“Raziel321, post:4, topic:76665”]

hard input? what are you like 10 years old?



so are you saying, the command that dude told me actually works and i failed to input it correctly?


Mine was more a suggestion than anything really… hey what can I say? I got high hopes :wonder:.


It doesnt work, goddamn go to the SF boards.

Walking raging demon sounds fucking retarded anyway.





It’s possible.


Internet. Serious business. Seriously.


:rofl:@Hotobu’s video. That was pretty funny.

But I guess Hatred corrected me. Now close this thread since theres proof.