Someone who is good at 3s please explain this

Can EX-SRK’s be stuffed by meaty moves?

I was always under the impression that EX SRK’s blow through meaty moves, and cannot be stuffed.

I am reading now that Alex’s overhead FP and Yun’s, while in Genei Jin, S.MP also will stuff the EX SRK.

I think at one point I stuffed Ibuki’s ex-dragon kick with a c.short from Makoto, but besides that I cannot remember ever seeing an EX SRK be beatn by a meaty move. Also, afaik, all of Akuma’s moves have EX properties, and I dont recall ever stuffing any of akumas SRK’s.

So, can EX SRK’s be stuffed just by some select moves? Can they be stuffed by all moves with the right timing? What’s going on here?

if you time it right meatys will stuff anything i’ve stuffed ex srk with meaty palm with yun
not that i’m good or anything :encore: :encore: :encore: :party:

Well, Yun ruins everything in this game.

With JUST the right spacing, you can stuff it with more than you think. You need to space yourself so that the whole thing will NOT hit. 1 of 2 things with happen:

  1. You’ll get hit, but trade with the 2nd hit if you did something like urien fierce or something.
  2. You’ll time it wrong, and it won’t trade with ex shoryu, BUT…it’ll only hit once, causing a whiffed rest of the ex shoryu while you’re on your feet. This is only with Ken, but same goes for Akuma’s fierce shoryu.

If you’re saying Alex fierce will COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY STUFF IT, then that sounds interesting. Need to check.

Yun I believe a lot more, cause Genei Jin properties basically have like, no boundaries whatsoever.

Apparently it has completely suffed it in some video someone made on BKD because I remeber it being in some video. I’ve seen daigo EX SRK TRADE with wakeup sweep, so I think that whole 1 frame of ground invincibility is bs. I remeber Rockerfeller saying that only supers truly have invince frames.

If you are one with the Bust Hadou, in time, you will know the answer without having to ask.

I couldnt find the damn video, dude.

I’ve never seen it completely stuffed, but I know that Q’s crouching roundhouse trades with it.

You mean this thing?

is one with the bust hadou and has seen the video many times :karate:


I thought you guys were bitorrent only now.

We are, but that thing is old.

Is ex shoryu or even fierce shoryu used in that vid?

On the vid, it is not EX, but fierce is the only srk used.

We have plenty of footage of wake-up reversal ex srk getting stuffed clean. Reversal comes up, and meter depletes. That footage was going to be on Volume II, but I don’t know when that will ever get done. We kinda got tired of putting work into vids only to have people tell us that what we were doing is un-possible. Most 3rd Strike players don’t have an open mind. So, if you must know the later vids were to show that, SRKs can get stuffed, EXs can get stuffed, super can get stuffed, throws can interrupt super, and kara throws can be extended further than standard kara throw during footsies. We are tired of arguing. Believe what you want. Most of all, believe in yourself. But, I digress… back to the subject at hand.

It is common to see the reversal come up and meter depleting on tourney footage, but it goes by so quick, it is hard to notice. Pyro, Geo, and Watson (Yun, Yang and Yang) stuff wake-up EX dragon clean with deep cross-up divekick. Frankie and Watson (Ryu and Ken) stuff EX dragon with short (jab, short xx super).

Believe what you want. Most of all, believe in yourself. But, I digress… back to the subject at hand.


preach on, brotha

on a serious note, EX srk’s get stuffed all the time. Yun’s genei cheap takes out ex srk’s on a frequent basis, alex’s stun gun headbutt grabs shotos without any problem, and many other moves do the same.

Pyro? Watson? Who are they?

If we’re talking about the BKD vid, i don’t know what there is to get mad about, people believed that the alex was beating ryu’s DP with a meaty stomp, but when it was slowed down you can see clearly that it’s a FB. And at the end people thought that blanka was beating a reversal RC with a fierce, which is impossible, not because I don’t believe in myself, but because when you slow it down you can see everything plain as day. Maybe that wasn’t even what the vid was trying to say, but thats what people got from it, and thats how that discussion started.

It’s not like i’m saying ppl are scrubs and they need to stfu and disappear from the planet, just that we shouldn’t have misinformation flying around, if i’m wrong on something i hope someone would show me, and if i see something i think isn’t right, i’ll take a look at it further, i thought that was the point of discussion here. If you have such examples of EX DPs it’ll save us a lot of time, particularly stopping it with a shoto c.short.

First of all, I’m not interested in convincing anyone of anything. If you think EX srks can’t get stuffed, punish people that pressure you with meatys with wake-up EX srk. Simple, effective, and if you are right about EX srks, smart.

Sure beats getting abused by the crunching short -> standing jab mindfuck. In fact, if EX srk can’t get stuffed by crunching short, reversal wake-up srk owns that mindgame and wakeup tick throws for free.

Of course, that video is now getting a little long in the tooth. I, personally, haven’t watched it in more than a year, and we put it together almost 3 years ago. If we were to put it together in today’s day and age, there are a couple of things that I would change. I wouldn’t do any direct feed. I would only do it with tourney footage. There is enough tourney footage around with meaties stuffing all kinds of reversals that we could recreate the vid with nothing but tourney footage. Not only that, but it is assumed that if someone is doing a wake-up reversal during tournament, they are doing their best wake-up option. I would also pause the video for selected frames, or do ultra slow motion so that there isn’t room for arguments about what is going on on screen. I would include the meaty money matches that have gone on since then. Since the video came out, people still believe that srk or EX srk is unvincible, and are willing to put money up against those that have excellent meaty timing.

But, I don’t think I would put that video together in today’s day and age. I would share the raw footage with people I know, much like I have shared the raw footage of the later vids that never got finished/released, but I wouldn’t put together a vid directed at people trying to learn 3rd Strike.

When the vid was first released, people asked how they would know if they were doing meaty correctly. Our reply was to tell people to learn meaty-only combos. One of our examples was w/Yun Meaty UOH -> standing jab, short, strong xx GeneiJin. At that point, flames began, and people started telling us that we were full of bullshit unpossible combos and unvincible dragon owns all. Much later, Shogo posted a vid of KO from Evo2k3 semis where KO stuffs a reversal with UOH -> standing jab, short, strong xx GeneiJin. Then people were all, “OMG KO invents new Combos, lets get on the dickride bus!”

If you want to see EX srk getting stuffed by crunching short, go to a tourney and abuse wake-up EX srk.

that wasnt the video i was talking about. in fact it wasnt even a video, it was some guys screen caps. you could clearly see it was ex srk reversal, and trades or something with alex s.fp.

Makoto’s c. MK can trade hits w/ EX. DP