Someone you hate or a rival at your arcade (past or present)


did you ever have a rival at your arcade? that one specific person you hated with a passion?.. The credit stealers, people using cheap tactics to win at all cost (like counter picking in SF:AE) etc… I’m just remembering why i hate going to the arcade nowadays.


I did. but not in a negative way. Just someone that was alot better then me, that motivated me to play and get better. Its always a big milestone when you get good enough to beat your rival.


EDIT: shouldn’t this be in FGD?

rival sure. hate? no. that’s dumb.

many years ago, when i was still going to school, and our school still had an arcade, there was an mvc2 player who would play zangief. on point. typically it’d be some variant of gief/sent/cable. he would do shit such as DESTROY rush down magnetos and storms who underestimated him (sentinel and cable not so much lulz).

anyway, i’d always trash talk about how gief was a garbage character (cuz lets face it, he’s like low low tier in mvc2) and how commando was way better. so when i played him, i’d always put commando on point, and we’d fight that shit out, no assists, just gief vs commando.

epic stuff.

too bad i don’t know how to play mvc2 anymore let alone mvc3.


this technically should be in FGD

I was everybody’s rival at my arcade growing up. You have no idea how many real life ragequits I caused, or how many times some dude almost attacked me or stabbed me, over stupid crazy shit like my Blackheart zoning. fuck you and eat more demons


Actually mine are more recent.

Just some “new gamer” **** that live for SFIV and didn’t play anything else…until MVC3. Thing is, all the effort they put in, and still arent more than mediocre in either of them, and realy cant play anything else.

There is a tourney coming up soon, I’ve gotta think of another place to rep, if I do anything good, local does not get rep.


I thought this thread would mention something about sex…


There was a guy at one of my arcades back in the early 2000s where we would play super turbo, he was really good with all characters and of course my friends and I being about 13 years old, sucked at fighting games, so he would beat us with everyone, one time I beat his Chun-Li with Sagat, looked at him like “Sup?” and he pulls out Blanka and continues to destroy us for another 2 hours…they were the best of times and they were the worst of times…

Some people really hated me when SFIV 1st came out in the arcades in late 2008, I played with Sagat and would zone away people and one black guy said he was coming back with a gun to finish me off. He never came back lol.

  • hated a avatar on Soul Calibur 2’s Conquest Mode. Then, a few weeks later, after his AI handed me at least 5-6 losses, we find out that we’re on the same damn side.


I hate every one that screams after every hit… not even a combo, just a fuckin hit… AYE!
its the dumbest shyt ever…

But yeah, some1 could have a rival at another type of game, not fighting…

I didn’t… no1 ever played, I was jus always salty :confused:


Not really. I wasn’t enough of an arcade rat to have a rival at the few arcades I frequented.


Eeeeeh not really, sides this one time in CvS2 when this guy lost.

“FUCK THIS SHIT!!!” He then slammed the machine and left.

I was amused.


slightly off topic, but my arcade was fucked. I recall SFII, and MK, then MK2, as well as Killer Instinct, then Tekken 3 followed by TTT. Then after awhile Children of the Atom showed up, a week later it was Marvel Super Heroes, then that was around for awhile (those were some fucking epic Hammertown matchups), then WHAMMMMO X-Men vs Street Fighter, followed by Marvel vs Street Fighter literally the next week. The following week, both MvC and MvC2 came out within days of each other, and I pretty much lived in that arcade after that. Can’t imagine how many people I would have driven to homicide if I knew of SRK’s existence or knowledge.

I would love to know who owned that arcade too. They REALLY fucking liked Street Fighting games