Something about Gouki

My game is good, but I am having some difficulties with Gouki.

Stats: my offensive is about 70% and defensive is 20%. My friend says that I am trying to do too much intermediate stuff, but he wouldn’t tell me what I need to know to suit the level I am at. Maybe this is a general question.

Any advice?

I can’t really comment since I’ve neither seen your game nor know what level you’re at. I’d suggest checking out the Akuma forum properly. You never know, there might be enough on existing threads alone, check it out.

I am still attempting the kara throw. How’s that?

…that went well.

had any luck with kara throw yet?

Actually, I got it down!

…that went well.

Need to up that offensive to 100%

Where’d the 10% go?

…taunts. I want to get it back to even.

…that went well.

Hmm you have any match vids of yourself? That would help greatly in trying to give you advice lol.

forget about that 100% offence, work on defence, gouki’s stamina is so low that any character can be trouble, but if you get a good defence you are more than half way to victory, coz all you will need is some BnB stups, demon setups, and kara throws setups.

I’ve been in your same position, and defence is the way to go, then when you learn how to play safe, offence comes natural with gouki

Getting GameBridge and Priemere this week, so I should be ready with raws by the end of this week.

…that went well.