Something broke last night

so in the tech talk forum, I opened a bunch of topics in tabs, replied to one, then tried replying to another and I got:

“Nothing Found
There are currently no posts in this section, please check back again later.”

So I left it until today incase some updating was going on. I come on to find all those tabs have got that error, and I have an infraction for “Adding a post with no value”

Bloody annoying.

Who gave you an infraction? You can discuss the situation and maybe he/she will be glad to remove it.

Yeah it seems like the entire URL scheme has changed again. Everything is still there, but if you have a bunch of tabs open of different threads across the the forums (like me and apparently the OP), all of them are now broken and I have to look them all up again.

Pretty annoying :\ This is the second time this has happened and now all the compilation threads that link to other places will have to be revamped, again.

Yes, we had to change the url schema. The issue with the logouts was due to how the CDN handles htaccess Mod_Rewrite; so we had to get rid of it all together. I ran a script to automatically update all broken URLs in posts… but it may have missed a few instances here and there. Where are these compilation threads? As I said, the URLs should have been automatically updated.

I didn’t actually check them, and was confused as to how they were not broken. I was just assuming :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, those of us who leave everything open in tabs got ho’d D: