Something Closer to MvC2 Resets


I’ve been using Spencer B assist (slant grapple) to snag air combo’ed characters and attempt a reset. This puts them on the ground in a standing position for a moment before the hitstun decays. After this there is no roll or flip back/forward. No invincibility either.

With Doom you can go for standard tridash high/low/other side. Or fly and hit buttons before doing S for insta land into low L, for the multihit mixup.

Downsides look to be the opponent has invincible specials/hypers and assist calls available but it may be better trade than giving them airflips!

Looks most useful for tridash characters or Wolverine. Maybe all of you can find cool Magneto/Storm stuff as well.

Untested but spiderman web ball should have the same effect. Spencer does have DHC unscaled so my bet is Spencer is the better assist.


dante’s crazy dance puts them in a similar position. they get soft knockdown+not able to tech roll anywhere on the screen.


But Spencer Y does so much damage ;_;


Please post more moves/assists that look promising for resets. I would love to read some Crazy Dance setups. But now it’s Doom Time.

Here’s an okay corner reset with Doom using Spencer. Launch into a S divekick that grounds them. s.H otg into Spencer into fly. Get close and M, M , H Divekick, S dive into 4 options . That part did roughly 350 damage which should put them into the death range of a good metered combo.
I will go into the options but first there is a reason for the fly followup string besides damage. It allows just enough time to call your other assist to cover your followup options. With the right assist (coughSentinalcough) you can cover your shiny metal butt if they block your followup.

Followup Options:
1.Call Sentinal assist and air photon super. No guesswork. Damage goes to over 550. The interesting bit is the drones should arrive in time to force a block while Doom recovers from the normally unsafe photon super. Rarely they will combo for complete safety(the opponent is always standing)! You maintain an air dash to allow the other remaining options as a followup. You can also opt to simply fall and block/attack. Like everything in this you are vulnerable to a good invincible move.
2. Dash forward. M button for high attack into a followup combo that kills. Or they block and you attempt to crack him using your assist as cover. Invincible attacks will stuff you.
3. Dash down and c.L for a low attack followup combo that kills. Invincible attack should counter this.
4. Dash Up/backdown/somewhere away. Your answer if you guess they do an invincible attack.You should escape to block I hope and let your assist cover you.

A similar situation can be setup outside the corner but I haven’t figured all the details. I also believe the corner reset can be improved damage wise but could I have missed some options?

Putting aside Doom for a time I should add Akuma has a weaker corner reset opportunity that I posted in his General Discussion thread. Details are there but the gist is you can end a combo with TK air fireball super and afterward instant overhead for pressure or to high/low. I mention it because it is better used with Spencer assist.