Something cool the organizers could do for Top 8 next year

Make a championship belt for the top 8.

Imagine the Evo Logo on the front, and the move motions for the side plates. It would look f’in sick.

I’m just sayin!

The thing with championship belts is that they are really expensive to purchase (can cost about $1000 if you get the good ones). You can make your own for much cheaper, though, for less than $100. You can purchase the materials at a hardware and crafts store. While they might not look as good as the real things, they can still look really good. There are some how-to videos on youtube for making championship belts.

And I agree, I’d like to see championship belts for each game (one per game, of course). I believe the last championship belt was in 2002 when Jason Cole won ST.

Did the top 8 get anything cool this year? I remember last year when the top 8 of SSF4 got golden TE sticks.