Something different

fooling around in PS.

OOooooo Nice. Great layering and brushwork. Take away the beard and he’d look like a Frank Miller Bruce Wayne from Dark Knight Returns.

Good stuff!

Oooh nice man. First time i seen some hard edged cg from you. keep it up Rook. I have a case of vertigo this morning and i dont wanna turn my head to read what it says on the side. So what does that say anyways?

I like this alot man, you should do more CG shit.

Rook, this is too good man. I laughed my ass off cuz I read it out loud, and I sounded like I needed Hooked-On-Phonics like “DriNK… Vodka And Put Hair on BelLY… “?” The hell?” I didn’t expect for it to make sense cuz it looked somewhat Russian from the side. Nice touch! :tup:

thx guys… you’re really kind :slight_smile:
btw it’s supposed to be Zangief, if the pic isn’t clear enough.

“drink vodka: put some hair on your chest & fire in your belly”

It really does that you know.

“drink vodka: put some hair on your chest & fire in your belly”

nice rendition there rook. Very cool to see something new and fresh.

This really captures the intimidating presence of Gief.

–purdy :slight_smile: looks kinda like the blur effect in the MGS games.

Man, I think its cool as shit Rook. I could tell right away who it was. But yea, nice change up with this piece. looks like it was fun to do.

one of your best imo man! only thing stickin out to me is the ear…slightly ^_^;;cheers
tell me u havnt forgotten about the request thread =X

thx guys… glad you like it

what request thread?
j/k… been working on a project. Once that’s done I’ll finish up your pic.

^_^;; no rush

Heh, clever and fitting of Zangief, that it is. Nice work, rook. Always nice to see your work. ^^ Keep at it my friend, and I’m still looking forward to seeing that Blue Mary sketch (when you get to it, of course ^^ ).