Something Funky is Happening with Big Band when being Grabbed by Cerebella


So I was just fooling around with Cerebella when I discovered that something interesting happens when Cerebella grabs Big Band from Mid-Screen and then does her special grab, Excerebella. Big Band is so large that he actually hits the ground (pink bounce) and then some how bounces up higher than any other character in the cast. Due to this bounce Cerebella can grab Big Band continuing the combo. Other tall characters like Double, Parasoul, Valentine, and Peacock (don’t ask why it just works) can be grabbed from mid-screen and comboed into Excerebella, but the timing is strict. Grabbing any of the of the other cast members this way will not take away the first bounce (pink).
(Side Note: Looking at the hitboxes in slow-mo shows that Big Band does bounce ever so slightly that the tippy toes of his hitbox comes into contact with Cerebella’s allowing for Excerebella to happen this way. Funny enough though, as Big Band is falling his hit box is smaller and will not come into contact with Excerebella before hitting the ground. To do this same trick on Peacock you must buffer the input of Excerebella and the move must come out the first few frames of coming out of the throw. Doing a backwards throw with increase the chances of this landing, but not by much, so don’t use it on an online environment. That’s all for today, Ta.)