Something I came up with that could help a lot

Ok. I’m gonna post this here. I tried for a few hours and doing this solo is fucking ridiculous. Someone that is close to a friend that can try this out for me, please do so. I’ll copy and paste the video description for those who don’t see.


Copy and pasted :

“Ok, so I came up with something. It’s so hard to do solo in training mode. If anyone has someone close to them, and is an Abel player, can you test this out for me? What I’m trying to do is this. There’s no frame data for the SECOND hit of cl.strong. Only the first one, I’m pretty sure. So if it whiffs, you get the 2nd hit which is the counter hit vs EX seismo. With that said, the frame advantage of this move is unknown. On block, it was 0 last time I remember. Anyways, the main point is…can you do CH cl.strong (2nd hit) then combo into a rekka, into ultra? I tried to do CH cl.strong, then cl.fierce, but it’s too far. That just won’t work. The next best thing I think was low strong, but I can’t really get that to work. It seems like it should, however. Let me know some results, people.”

basically combo after CH 2nd hit cl.strong ?

so you would have to time the 2nd hit to CH at the last active frame to get the most frame advantage, but for the most part, CH cl.strong can give +6 to +8 frame advantage. You could try cr.forward. It might be the better choice to test cause it reaches further than cr.strong. cl.strong might push your opponent too far for cr.strong to connect, so that may also be a factor.

Might wanna test it against a bigger hitbox character like abel or gief.

i’m not sure how much it can help. cl strong can already be used as a frame trap and you can hit confirm off the first hit and cancel into cod… instead of trying to find a setup to hit cl.strong on its last active frames… of the second hit. =p

Hey, someone got it to work.


Props for making it happen. Now time to apply in game! It looks so sick lol.

good shit

Don’t know if this works on Viper, but if you get the second hit of cl.strong, you can link the last active frame of far st.lp, then link after that. I know it works on a few characters, haven’t tested it on the business woman yet.

Good shit though

I don’t quite get it. close mp is +4 on hit, after both hits. So if you make the first hit whiff and get your CH bonus on the 2nd hit, it should be +7 (3 extra frames of hitstun on most strong & fierce attacks) and a 1 frame link straight into step kick… in theory anyway.

looks like MagMan got it to work… beefy combo, easy setup. seems very practical to me. Viper will always be standing too when you are hitting her out of EX seismo with it, so you can really style on people with teh 1 frames

good stuff, i feel stupid for not thinking about that. :slight_smile:
thanks mag!

Thanks guys, glad you liked it. I was talking to Ryder and HAV about this at NEC. I’m gonna try to step kick off of this and get more damage. is 8 frames so it seems like it wouldn’t work but Sakeido seems like he might be onto something. Might want to test it in SSF4, hoping that the frame data hasnt changed. That’s good shit though.

^ has 7 frames of start up - same as f+mk

Pretty sure CH bonus is +4 on Medium and Heavy attacks. Abel himself proves this. Regular hit t.MK xx Dash is a 1f link to a 4f normal (cl.HP). Counterhit t.MK xx Dash is a 1f link to an 8f normal (c.HP). So if the second hit of cl.MP is +4 on normal hit, that would make this a 2f link into either c.MP or t.MK, I believe. Definitely realistic and reliable. Two thumbs up. Jealous I didn’t think of it first…when I still played Abel.

IIRC F+MK is a special exception when it gets an extra 4 frames instead of just 3.

this is also good vs players who like to use EX seismo feints to make something whiff & then throw your recovery. you will still be safe.

It’s definitely possible, (which is why I said I was only pretty sure :wgrin:). I’ve never tested the frame data on any other moves before. I just never heard of any other moves that were exceptions to the normal rules, so I don’t know. Definitely something worth testing. I’ll look into it tomorrow night maybe, when I get home.

^ Step kick is definitely the exception to the rule of strong and heavy attacks with regards to frame advantage on counter hit, but yeah - no point arguing over the details - this is a pretty cool set up. Nice stuff Magman

Tested and confirmed. I tested Ken’s c.MP (+3 on regular hit) and tried to link it into far s.MP or far s.MK (both 7f startup) on CH, and it doesn’t combo. Tried it with CH c.MP to cl.MP or cl.HP (both 6f startup) and it worked immediately (and CH c.MP to cl.HP is a cool ass combo, too). So yeah, there you go.

Just to keep this discussion going though, this anti-EX-seismo trick still might not be a 1f link. I mean, I’m assuming it is because MagMan was having such a hard time recording it himself, but if you were able to time the cl.MP so it also hit her meaty as her invincibility wore off, you could generate more frame advantage that way as well.

Although, the frame data says the second hit of cl.MP only has 2 active frames, so if that’s true, it would have to be frame perfect just to generate 1 extra frame of lenience for the link, and for all that, you risk timing it 1f too soon and the cl.MP whiffing completely and getting hit by the seismo…so probably not the best thing to try.

Ok, enough rambling. Good shit again, MagMan. :bgrin:

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Some visuals:


well i liked abel alot until i noticed he can be beat with jabs and grabs.i forgot to mention his hitbox is huge for some reason so trying to get out of jab traps is a pain

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