Something i dont get about the story and Orochi?

you know how this person and this person and so on are always trying to revive Orochi so that they can control his power and rule the world or change it?
well how would that work, if they brought Orochi back wouldent he just ignore them and try to destroy them and the world by himself?

There’s very little people who give a crap about the story. If you really want to have answer’s for this, go the the SNK wikia or something.

The question is much too small, and too uninteresting to the majority of the people on this forum to warrant a whole new thread. Next time put it in the general discussion thread.

Everyone wants his power but not everyone can handle it (Example: Rugal), the Hakkesshu (Vice, Goenitz, Mature, etc, etc,) are powerful but they can’t fight against a shitton of people.

Ohhh yeah I really don’t care about the story but I just wanted to know that one thing.

dude don’t ask a story question then back pedal when one guy tells you not many folks are buig on it here.

I for care about the story lots and if you stop to ask Im sure there are plenty of other people who will love to talk about it.

as for how they plan to control it, well evil tends to be fairly short sighted but I imagine they never really expect him to be in full power after just getting up so they’d have a chance. Also Im fairly certain at least of few of em weren’t really after his power so much as they where just fanatics who worshiped the berk.

Ohh that was good answer. But I wasent trying to fit in okay and I really don’t care what people think of me, trust me.
I was honestly just curious about that one thing.

As I understand it, Orochi is currently sealed thanks to Kyo, Iori and Chizuru’s little family reunion party back in 1997. So, some folks think that with Chizuru pretty much out the way, it’s prime time to leech Orochi’s power while he is sealed, yet left unguarded.

That’s at least what I gathered as to why Saiki’s group was going after Orochi. As for Rugal, he was just a power hungry thug who didn’t realize he was getting in way over his head. The Hakkesshu worship Orochi and consider humans to be evil, so him reviving and wiping out the human race would be sunshine and dandelions for those folks.

botan is hot

Is there a good explanation of the entire KoF story somewhere? XIII is my first KoF game but I’d like to get to know the characters / world a bit.

there’s always the snk wiki

SNK wiki for each game has a bare-bones “from the manual” story summary, unless there is a page dedicated to the story that I couldn’t find…

Go to the Official SNK Playmore site and you will find some nice intros for the history.

I lot of the story facts and details are not even on the games themselves, you have to look elsewhere like in the mooks and art books, problem is they’re in japanese

From what I gathered from the Story and Arcade modes, Those From the Past (Saiki’s group, sometimes also referred as Those From the Distant Land - probably because they seem to be from Europe: ) are interested in Orochi not so much to revive him as the Orochi clan itself intended, but to use as a power source to send them back to the past (which according to at least one comment by Ash in the Story mode, would involve Orochi awakening, but finding itself trapped and powerless), where they’d be able to tamper with history to their benefit (this is pretty much the Story mode’s bad end you get by failing later fights).

The way they seem to do this happens in a few steps:

  • as it seemed to be the case back in the events of 97, all the energy from strong people fighting helps to awaken Orochi (sealed by Chizuru with Kyo and Iori’s help), and as that seems necessary to actually be able to use Orochi’s power - so to ensure the gathering of that kind of energy, at the end of KoF XI Botan from Those From the Past took control of Rose Bernstein (Adel’s sister, Rugal’s daughter) to get her to organize a new KoF tournament, where they’d get the proper gathering of power (the series has a bit of a history with this kind of plot point)

  • one of the important things about the tournament’s organization seems to be the location of the arena where the finals take place, and more importantly, what’s beneath that - in the Story mode and Saiki’s stage you see the room under the finals arena, and at the very center of that there’s this sphere with a red glow - apparently, this thing is what’s gathering all the energy from the fights (thus the importance of having it close to the place where the finalists have their match) and/or serving as the container that’s meant to trap Orochi (think “pokeball”, only you can use that as a battery when there’s something inside). An interesting thing about Saiki’s stage is how the floor around this thing changes from round to round, with its tiles being moved around as if they were scales of really big snakes, which by the third round are already climbing all over the place, hinting at the near awakening of Orochi, I guess.

  • by the end of the Arcade and Story mode, there’s this big deal about the gate that would allow Those From the Past to go back to the past, and if you look at the top of the gate (visible on both boss backgrounds), you’ll see some spheres; when you beat the game, I think it’s Botan that points out that some of the spheres are missing - those spheres look a lot like the one in Saiki’s stage, and presumably they needed one with Orochi’s power to gather enough energy to go back in time, but by then Ash removed that and about a couple more of them from the gate just to be sure the whole thing would fail.

More or less related, the Story mode starts with K’ and Maxima checking out some ruins which seem to reference TftP that apparently weren’t there before, so maybe those ruins arrived along with them from an older time period (maybe where they originally came from).
There’s also the running plot about Ash stealing Chizuru and Iori’s power in the previous games - those seem more directly related to the process of actually sealing Orochi, so that was probably a safeguard to make sure once Orochi was awakened it would stay that way, and a way for Ash to make himself useful to TftP so he could get close enough toruin their plans.
Oddly enough, the danger to Orochi himself seems to have brought Vice and Mature back from the dead so they can prevent that.

As for a decent source of KoF plot stuff, the KoF anniversary site has plenty of series-specific info - for each of the games with plot (everything except 98, 2002 and XII) there’s usually a Team Story section for each of the games, which then covers some background of what’s going on with each of the teams - looking into the protagonists’ and Ikari team stuff usually lets you get a decent glimpse at the whole thing - if you want to go far back enough, start here:
However, the site isn’t covering XIII-specific stuff yet, but you can get that info at the Atlus site.