Something I don't understand

I honestly don’t know how to fight most players online SFIV. And by most people I mean everybody who picks Ken, Ryu, Seth, or Sagat. I have no idea how to effectively gain ground on them when they sit back and spam their projectiles and the very second you get close they shoryuken, tiger something you and jump away. I use Cammy and I know her spinning knuckle gets past hadoukens and all that but the thing is, as soon as I get in close I don’t even have time to react before I get hit again with some ridiculous shoryuken type move.

Do you have any tips that I can use to gain ground on people like this? I’ve lost easily 40 matches if not more to this nonsense and its starting to get really demoralizing. Any help at all is appreciated. Thanks.

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I’ve been looking there, but this is just more of a generalization I guess. Just overall tactics for anybody to get past this endless offense.

well I really don’t use Cammy but I think you be better off posting in the SF4 section.

But if you’re just talking about getting around fireball in general. I guess you need to find out some good pokes for you given character (Cammy) and learn how to approach your opponent w/out trying to jump, unless you can anticipate and go for a jump-in.

and play and get your ass beat, everyone has these problems when they start.

In that case…ask here.

Basically your getting mind crushed…Ur guessing wrong in all the situations and ur getting demoralized cause every turn u take is getting u owned…now theres no simple answer that makes u win…but the main thing u gotta realize is that this is how Street Fighter works…Its all complete mind games where u gotta out think ur opponent…

So if u have ur opponent shooting fireballs, u have a choice of

A) Jumping over
B) Blocking
C) Focus dashing (gain ultra bar but lose some life that regains if ur not hit)
D) Shoot a fireball back (if you have that option)
E) Do a Move, EX Move, Super, Ultra, etc that goes over, through the fireball

Now after ur opponent shoots that fireball he has the option to

A) Shoot another Fireball (remember only 1 fireball on the screen at a time)
B) See if you jump to SRK
C) Do an Ex move
D) Dashing around to space/zone with different moves

Now this is a simple set of things that could happen, theres a lot of other variables that could occur but basically what this means is

If he predicts ur going to stand there, he’ll shoot fireball, if u guess hes going to shoot a fireball, u jump over his fireball and and kick him in the face…in this case with cammy u can jus do like,, fk cannon drill xx super…

If he thinks ur going to jump he’ll wait to see if u jump and do an SRK (In some cases people jus do an SRK if they cant do it on reaction), in this case if u guess hes going to do that u can walk up throw, tick throw, shoot a fireball, cannon drill from the right distance to put him at a frame disadvantage

Basic rock paper scissors: Jump beat fireball, SRK beats Jump, Mind games beat both :expressionless:

Hmm, thanks man.

You have to learn to know when the fireball is coming. When you think a fireball is coming, jump over it. You have enough to jump over the fireball and block the uppercut and land a combo. For people who like to run away all day just slowly creep in while jumping and blocking fireballs and then when you get close enough to them keep them close to you! Corner them and don’t let them get out of that corner.
A cool trick I sometimes use is that when I’m in distance of being reversaled if I attempt to jump in is I’ll jump straight up so that the other player goes for the uppercut but misses, giving me enough time to dash in and hurt them.

Its all mind games.